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Kitchen Mats for Food Preparation Areas

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Kitchen mats for food preparation areas need to be either greaseproof or grease resistant. It is recommended that thick rubber kitchen mats with holes and a grease proof rating be used in front of cooking areas. The holes will allow falling food particles and grease to fall below the walk surface to provide a safe and comfortable standing surface. For areas like salad prep stations or areas where greases and oils are not as much of a concern, it’s best to use grease-resistant or greaseproof matting, and the focus should be more on surrounding traffic. It may be advisable to seek a lower profile rubber matting or kitchen runner mat that will present a lower profile to reduce tripping hazards and allow carts to roll over them easily. The focus on all kitchen mats should be to provide a safe standing and walking surface, ease of maintenance, and of course, overall comfort. If you need help choosing the best industrial kitchen flooring mats for your school or college, give us a call!