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Carpet Tiles for Entrances

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The Mad Matter carries carpet entrance mats that are specifically designed to withstand the high foot and wheeled traffic that is experienced at the entrances of office buildings, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, and schools. As a modular product, custom carpet tiles at your entrances allows you to rotate or replace individual tiles, keeping your entrances looking and performing like new. The carpet tiles and carpet entrance matting that we recommend for entrance applications can be found in these categories. Some of the features that these entrance carpet tiles possess that others do not are ease of maintenance, durability, and design. Many of our carpet entrance mats utilize a bi-level construction that elevates the foot traffic above any dirt, grime, and moisture that may be tracked inside. The resulting dirt and moisture falls below shoe level, which helps to prevent that same dirt from being tracked further into the building. If you still have questions about our carpet tiles online, please call us at 800-739-6171 or email us at