Anti-Fatigue Mats to Ease Standing at Work

Are you an individual who is constantly standing on a day to day basis? If you could use some help when it comes to fatiguing quickly while on the job, we have got the product you need to stay comfortable all day, everyday. At Mad Matter we have created many different floor mats to ease your foot pain, keep dirt away, and to even help with fatigue. What is it that you are looking for?

If we caught your eye when we started speaking about anti-fatigue mats, you are surely in for a treat. If you are thinking that the cushy mats you see hairdressers use are only there for looks, you are wrong! There are many wonderful benefits of using an anti-fatigue mat. Proven benefits include increased blood flow to your lower extremities, support for your arches and softness for heels. We know that most of the people who live in our daily economy are on a budget, with that in mind, we keep our anti-fatigue floor mats affordable!

Let’s get to know specifics about our anti-fatigue mats. The Sponge Vinyl Anti-fatigue Mat ⅜” provides great relief for the common worker that stands on hard floors day after day, hour after hour. You can choose between a pebbled, ribbed, or a standard surface option; you will also decide on a mat width. The widths you are able to choose between are 2’, 3’, 4’, and 6’. Check out this comfortable, anti-fatigue mat online now by clicking here!