Ortho Mat – The #1 Anti Fatigue Mat for Pharmacies

It’s hard to think about it, but those chilly fall and winter months are not too far away, and with it brings the flu and cold season. Medical facilities and pharmacies are going to need to be on their toes and on their feet…literally. Research has shown that when a job requires long periods of standing, that the human body actually shrinks in height. The constant pressure takes a toll on the cartilage in the spinal column and leg joints, essentially making people shorter than when they started.

Thousands of pharmaceutical personnel spend 90% of their day standing while taking care of others. Effects of the consistent standing can correlate to long term health related issues for the worker, especially during those busy months when everyone happens to be sick or coming in for flu vaccines. This can be alleviated with the proper anti-fatigue mat. The Mad Matter provides one of the most preferred mats by medical and pharmaceutical staff, the Ortho Mat. “Not only do fatigue mats help give support and cushion while standing but also have been proven to increase workers morale.” says Gary Storz president of The Mad Matter.

Ortho Mats, short for orthopedic, were designed to provide comfort specifically to the skeletal areas affected by standing fatigue. All Ortho Mats are light weight anti-fatigue mats composed of a soft closed cell mixture of PVC and Nitrile rubber composite. With a ¾” thickness and beveled edging on all four sides this mat is guaranteed to meet the expectations of an outstanding orthopedic mat. These mats are also are impervious to petroleum products, chemicals, animal and vegetable fats with an anti-microbial compound that is added during manufacturing to prevent mold, mildew and bacterial growth, making it perfect for any type of medical application. Available in colors black or gray, as individual or custom configured mats upon request.

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