Stay on Your Feet at Your Next Trade Show

If you regularly attend trade shows for your business, you know how important an attractive and well-designed booth can be. You have signage that brings visitors in, information they can take with them, and giveaways that show them that you appreciate their time. The one thing that every trade show booth needs is appropriate flooring. You’re on your feet for most of the day, interacting with people, and with anti-fatigue mats from The Mad Matter, you won’t have to worry about tired legs halfway through your day.

Picking the right trade show flooring is essential, as it literally lays the foundation for the rest of your booth. The right color, texture, and size can make your booth both comfortable and appealing. We carry soft carpet interlocking tiles in a variety of colors, so you can choose mats that match your company’s logo and branding. The tiles allow you to change the size and configuration of your booth, since every venue will have a different floor plan and layout for vendors and show participants. You can also add individual anti-fatigue mats here and there for specific standing spots or viewing kiosks.

At The Mad Matter, we love pairing our customers with the ideal trade show mats. You work hard to get everything set up right, and you’ll be able to remain cheerful and engaging, since you won’t have tired feet and legs after standing all day. You’ll feel refreshed and will look forward to every person that visits your booth to learn more about your company.