Stay Alert During Your Shift with Anti-Fatigue Mats

In a hospital, it’s important for doctors, nurses, and other staff members to stay alert when they’re attending to patients and filling out important paperwork. Medical personnel often work long shifts, and for a majority of those shifts, they’re on their feet, either walking to see a patient or respond to an emergency, or standing and filling out intake forms, medical records, and discharge notes. With anti-fatigue mats from The Mad Matter, medical employees can avoid fatigue that can lead to potentially life-threatening mistakes, and end their shifts without feeling exhausted.

Our floor mats are ideal for nurse’s stations, hospital pharmacies, and other standing workstations. You’ll be able to choose the thickness and surface material that’s appropriate for your purposes, and we have autoclavable mats that are ideal for sterile environments, such as laboratories and operating rooms. These mats are easy to clean, and they’ll provide comfort for anyone that has to stand for long periods of time. Our mats also meet cleanroom requirements, and can help you stay compliant with medical facility regulations.

If you’re a hospital administrator and you’ve noticed that your staff appears tired or not quite as alert, look into purchasing new medical anti-fatigue mats from The Mad Matter. We carry various mat sizes and shapes, and can recommend the proper mats for your facility. We have mats for both dry and wet areas of your hospital, and if you’re unsure which option is best, we can guide you in the right direction. Browse through our inventory today, and contact us with any questions!