Avoid Tired Feet During a Day of Cutting Hair

If there’s one business that nearly every town or city in America has, it’s a barbershop or a salon. Even in the smallest towns, there is at least one hairstylist that serves the citizens of that town. In large cities, you’ll find hair cutting franchises on almost every corner, as well as local barbers that have been there for decades. You’ll find traditional barbershops with striped poles outside, along with chic spas that offer hair styles, manicures, facials, and more. The one thing that all these businesses have in common is that their employees spend a majority of their day on their feet. With anti-fatigue salon mats from The Mad Matter, employees won’t have to worry about tired feet, and can instead focus on giving their clients exceptional style and service.

If you’re setting up a new salon in your hometown, or you’ve just started renting a chair at an existing barbershop, make sure you have the appropriate anti-fatigue mat on the floor. We carry salon mats in various sizes and shapes, and you can find those with or without chair depressions, as well as different textures to allow for sure footing as you move around your client. If you have a row of salon chairs that need mats beneath them, our interlocking Infinity Series is an ideal choice.

With thousands upon thousands of barbers and hairdressers around the country, each salon or shop strives to provide its clients with outstanding service. If you work as a barber or stylist, make sure you and your employees can stay on your feet for hours on end with anti-fatigue mats from The Mad Matter.