Anti Fatigue Floor Mats for Your Commercial Kitchen

If you work in a commercial kitchen, you know how hectic it can get. There are dozens of people doing dozens of things at one time, and everyone has to be in sync in order to avoid any problems. Food has to be prepared quickly and properly, so that the wait staff doesn’t have to explain to a customer why their food is taking so long. If fatigue from hours of standing and moving begins to take hold, your commercial kitchen can begin to slow down and mistakes can be made. With anti-fatigue floor mats from The Mad Matter, your kitchen staff will be able to keep up, no matter how long their shift may be.

With interlocking tile options, as well as wet area anti-fatigue mats, you’ll be able to keep your kitchen area safe and functional. With a mat at every prep station, cooks, chefs, or sous-chefs will be able to chop, dice, and cut ingredients without having to worry about tired feet. You can also place mats near your dish washing stations, so that if water gets on the floor, it doesn’t create a slipping hazard. We also have mats for your walk-in freezers.

The Mad Matter has been providing quality anti-fatigue floor mats for over 20 years, and we offer both commercial and residential mat options. It doesn’t matter if you’re a chef at a five-star restaurant in a big city, or a parent that’s preparing dinner at home on a Saturday night – our mats will help you keep fatigue at bay while you’re making a meal.