Give Your Employees Time to Adjust to New Anti-Fatigue Mats

Adding standing workstations to your office building can be extremely beneficial for employee health, as sitting for long periods of time is never a good idea. Your employees may not all like the idea at first, but as they stand on a new anti-fatigue mat and work on their computer or take phone calls, they’ll soon realize the benefits. The Mad Matter carries anti-fatigue flooring for standing workstations, and can help you upgrade your office floors with the perfect matting options.

It’s very possible that you’ll hear a few complaints about tired feet and aching knees over the course of the first week, but after awhile, employees will begin to feel better as their posture improves, along with their productivity. With the proper amount of cushioning between their feet and the floor, employees will be able to stand for hours without experiencing fatigue. We carry anti-fatigue mats that are made of rubber, gel, and other materials, providing optimal padding for any workstation.

Whether you’re replacing your traditional desks with standing desks, or installing desks that raise and lower, it’s important to place the proper matting under each one. Employees may not warm up to concept right away, but over time, they’ll see the benefits of standing desks. With our anti-fatigue flooring options, they won’t have to worry about tired legs or feet, and can concentrate on the task at hand, no matter how long it takes to complete. You’ll find mats in our store that are ideal for both chairs and feet, along with several other options suited for office environments.