Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats for Hotel Staff

Hotel staff, especially those that work at the front desk, have to be alert and friendly throughout their entire shift, as they are the first people that guests meet when they arrive. Front desk employees stand for long periods of time, registering guests, answering phones, and taking care of anything that a current guest needs. With all this time on their feet, it’s very possible that they will experience tired legs and feet, but they can’t take a break or sit down, or an important guest might be missed, or a phone not answered. With anti-fatigue floor mats from The Mad Matter, you can feel confident that your front desk staff are ready for whatever happens.

We carry anti-fatigue matting options for every size and shape of front desk, check-in counter, or bellman stand. It doesn’t matter if you own a small motel on a rural highway, or five-star resort in a big city, we’ll help you find the perfect mats. Every employee that stands for the job deserves to have a bit of cushion under their feet to guard against aching knees and ankles, and to allow them to remain alert while on the job. We have¬†anti-fatigue floor mats¬†from a variety of manufacturers, and each one offers something unique.

If you’ve noticed that the mats in your hotel lobby or behind the front desk are looking thin or worn, take the time to look through our inventory. We can answer any questions you have about our mats, and help you narrow down your choices until you arrive at the ideal mat for your hotel or motel.