The Holiday Season Means More Customers

As the holiday season approaches, businesses and restaurants will see an influx of customers looking for the perfect gifts, the perfect meal, and the perfect experience. Many business owners will hire seasonal staff to help with the increased number of customers, and for restaurants, this means more hostesses, wait staff, and kitchen help. If your food prep and freezer areas need new safety and anti-fatigue matting, The Mad Matter is the perfect place to find them.

Chefs, sous chefs, and kitchen staff will spend a majority of their day on their feet, especially when the dinner rush comes in after a day of holiday shopping. Meals will have to be prepared quickly and correctly, and every person will need a dedicated place to stand while chopping, dicing, and adding ingredients. We carry interlocking tiles, rubber safety runners, and wet area mats that will keep your kitchen safe and productive. With so many people carrying pots, pans, and dishes in and out, it’s important to choose mats that won’t pose a tripping hazard, and that will be easy to clean if there’s a spill.

As you’re preparing your restaurant for the holiday season, it can be a good time to update the anti-fatigue matting in your kitchen. The Mad Matter has all kinds of commercial kitchen mats, as well as mats for bar and hostess areas. We have mats for every budget, from the largest five-star restaurant preparing full course meals, to the local baker’s shop that sells countless pies, cakes, and other sweets during the holidays. Shop with us today!