The Ideal Anti-Fatigue Mats for Product Demos

If you’re a traveling artisan or craftsman, you have to be able to take your work with you, along with your booth, materials, and flooring. If you create one-of-a-kind sculptures out of metal, it’s important that you’re able to create a space in which you can work, but also allows the public to access your booth. It doesn’t matter if you’re setting up your workspace inside or outside, you need to have the proper anti-fatigue mats in place. That way, whenever you’re at a tradeshow or putting on a product demo, you can stand for long periods of time without getting tired.

When you’re traveling, you have to be adaptable to any situation. You may have plenty of space at one show or convention, and very little at the next. Your flooring has to reflect this adaptability, and with interlocking anti-fatigue tiles, you can configure your floor surface however you need. The Mad Matter carries modular tiles that are ideal for woodworking, welding, and other fabrication areas, and you can always add or subtract tiles as needed.

Placing anti-fatigue mats in your show booth and in your work area allows you to stand and walk for hours at a time, without having to worry about tired legs and feet. Once the show is done, you have to tear down and pack up, and having flooring that’s easy to remove can cut down on the time it takes you to put everything away. We offer durable and versatile matting options, and can help you find the perfect flooring for your next show or demo!