The Ideal Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Customer Service Counters

With the holiday season now upon us, and the influx of customers into retail stores around the country steadily rising, customer service counters are about to become very busy. While the real rush may not pick up until after December 25th, when the returns start pouring in, customer service reps will be answering questions about product availability, layaway details, and store specials. This means that these employees will be on their feet for hours every day, and having the right anti-fatigue mats in place can go a long way in promoting workplace morale.

The holiday shopping season is stressful enough for retail employees, without having to worry about tired feet and aching joints. The Mad Matter carries anti-fatigue floor mats and runners for customer service counters, and these mats will provide support and cushion while employees are standing and answering multiple questions for customers or processing product returns. If you’re a store manager that’s hiring seasonal help and plan on opening a few more cashier stands to serve as customer service counters, we have smaller floor mats that are perfect for those locations.

Your store counts on the holiday traffic to reach certain revenue goals for the year, and you and your employees have worked hard to get your location ready for the increase in customers. By adding the perfect anti-fatigue mats to your counters and cashier stands, your employees will be happy and helpful all the way through the New Year. Browse our inventory today to find your new floor mats!