Anti-Fatigue Matting Can Boost Employee Health

This holiday season, as your cashiers, clerks, and other retail staff help people find and purchase their gifts, it’s important to take into account each employee’s personal health. Retail employees will be standing or walking for several hours throughout the day, and with the right anti-fatigue matting, they can avoid not only tired legs and feet, but other serious health conditions. At The Mad Matter, we want everyone to enjoy optimal health, and that’s why we offer the best anti-fatigue mats on the market.

For those that stand in one spot for an extended period of time, their back and leg muscles have to work harder to keep them upright while working. If you have an employee that’s suffered a back injury, the problem could be re-aggravated by standing for long periods of time, whether at a cash register or customer service desk. Employees may also experience pronation, or the flattening of the foot, which can cause severe arch and heel pain. With shoe in-soles and the right anti-fatigue floor mats, they can avoid this condition. The circulatory system can also be affected by standing in one spot, as the blood flow will become less active, resulting in numb legs and feet.

In order to promote optimal employee health this holiday season, and all year long, visit The Mad Matter and pick up new anti-fatigue mats for your store. We can help you choose the mats you need, and recommend the proper size and thickness, depending on your needs. Shop with us today!