Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Customer Service Counters

Consumers in the United States spend over 500 billion dollars each year on holiday gifts, and while many of those presents are kept by the recipients, 15 to 20 percent will be returned to stores either for exchanges, store credits, or cash. This means that after the holidays are over, retail customer service counters are going to be bombarded with people returning sweaters that are too small, toys that weren’t the right ones, or a small appliance they know they won’t use. Employees will be spending hours on their feet, processing returns and sorting items to be returned to shelves or sent back to distribution centers. With the right anti-fatigue mats at their feet, they won’t experience tired legs and aching backs that come from standing for hours on end.

The last week of December and first few weeks of January will be the busiest time for returns, so now is the time to order your new anti-fatigue matting. The Mad Matter has severalĀ mat options for businesses, and by placing new matting now, you won’t have to try to get it done while your store is full of customers. If your store has a large stockroom or warehouse, those areas will also become busier after the holidays, so it can be a good idea to replace the mats in those spaces as well. On top of anti-fatigue flooring, you should also replace entrance and wipe off mats around your warehouse, especially if you’re located in a climate that sees a lot of snow and ice during the winter. Employees will be coming in and going out of the loading dock, getting those trucks ready to move those returned goods, and you want to prevent slip and fall hazards wherever possible.

The Mad Matter is your source for anti-fatigue mats, so if you foresee a large number of returns finding their way to your store at the end of this month, visit our store and pick up your new mats today.