New Recessed Floor Mats and Foot Grilles for Your Building

Recessed floor mats and foot grilles play an imperative part in keeping the floors of your building clean. No matter if they’re indoor or outdoor recessed mats, they are integral in catching dirt, debris, and moisture. At The Mad Matter, we’ve heard countless stories of businesses and property owners waiting too long to replace their foot grilles and witnessing the increase in moisture and dirt that find their way into their building. If the surface texture is worn or the aluminum rails have come loose, it’s most likely past time to replace them.

We carry several types of recessed floor mats that feature different kinds of inserts, such as carpet, abrasives, or brush material. If your building experiences heavy foot traffic during the winter, having an abrasive insert to scrape off ice and snow can keep your interior floors bright and clean. If you live in a warmer climate, carpet or brush material may be sufficient, since all that needs to be wiped off is the dust and dirt that is normally picked up by people’s shoes. We promise that we’ll provide you with a fair pricing quote for your foot grilles and mats, depending on the square footage that’s needed, as well as your material of choice.

If the recessed floor mats and grilles at your building’s entrances no longer provide good traction, or there are significant worn spots in certain areas, call us right away. We can supply the perfect replacement products at an affordable price, and instruct you on the best care for your new mats.