Pick Out a New Logo Mat for Your Business

With so much foot traffic coming in and out of your store this holiday season, it’s fair to assume that your entrance and wipe off mats will be getting a lot of use. If you had custom logo mats made for your store a few years ago, chances are that the printing has become worn and the logo has faded. What once used to make a great first impression on customers is now an illegible mat that people simply walk over and take no notice of. Once the busy holiday season has passed, take time to look for new business logo mats at The Mad Matter.

We can help you select new logo mats for your entrances and lobbies, and have a fantastic selection of both indoor and outdoor matting options. We will determine which mats are best for you, depending on your needs. Do you simply need surface mats that can be placed in the appropriate spots, or do you need recessed mats that have a specific shape and size? Our printing and design team can help you with artwork and sizing, and can create the ideal custom logo mat for your entrance.

Once the holiday rush is over and you’re able to take stock of your store, be sure to include your logo mats in that check. If they’re worn or damaged, The Mad Matter can supply new ones in a timely manner. We’ll create the size and shape that you need, and the logo and branding will be bright and new on every mat. Contact us today!