Standing Can Be Part of Getting in Shape

Every New Year, people make resolutions to get in shape, eat better, and do more with their free time. Then, after a few weeks, they find themselves repeating the same habits they did the year before and they give up on their goals. While getting in shape and moving more is a noble goal, it can be difficult if you work in an office environment where you sit for eight hours a day. If you have the option of a standing desk, it can be beneficial to your health to get on your feet for a few hours each day. The Mad Matter has anti-fatigue mats that are specifically designed for standing desks, and can pair you with the perfect one.

Even though you’re not walking around the office or going to the gym after work each day, standing can help you burn more calories than if you were sitting, and you’re more likely to move around and shift your weight while standing than if you’re in a chair. Our anti-fatigue matting can help you avoid tired legs and feet while standing, and you’ll be able to focus more on your work. You’ll also be promoting better blood flow throughout your body, since you’ll be upright and using more muscles in your back and legs than you do when seated.

Various scientific studies have produced results that showcase the benefits of standing versus sitting while at work, and while people may dispute those results, you can give yourself the opportunity to have more energy and feel better at the end of each day by using a standing desk paired with an anti-fatigue¬†standing desk mat. You can start out with just half an hour to an hour of standing at a time, and then increase the length of time each day or each week. You’ll help yourself break from a mostly sedentary lifestyle brought on by sitting at work, and you may even be more prone to visit the gym a few days a week, or at least take the stairs instead of the elevator in your office building.

If your company has just added standing desks to the work environment, or you’ve requested one because you know it will help you be more active, add an anti-fatigue floor mat from The Mad Matter and make your work area more comfortable and yourself more productive.