Invest in New Floor Mats for Your High School This Summer!

Though we’re currently in the midst of spring, summer break will be here before you know it! While the majority of your staff and students will be out of the building enjoying the long vacation, there are always administrative duties that have to be tackled before the first day of the next semester. You might be planning to replace some of your gym equipment, or you may be adding a new wing of the school to accommodate your growing student body.

While you’re updating different areas and renovating certain rooms, you should make sure that you take the time to think about whether or not your school could use new floor mats. In today’s entry, we’ll discuss a few different kinds of floor mats that can help you keep your students safe and inspire school spirit. Browse our catalog and find the right floor mats for your school when you’ve finished reading today’s post!

How Can The Mad Matter Help?

School Gym Mats

Your high school’s gym almost certainly receives more wear and tear than any other room in the building. You probably have a wrestling team that practices regularly during their season, and your football team probably trains in the weight room several times each week. No matter how much or how little your equipment is used, you need to ensure that your students are as safe as possible whenever they’re in the gym.

The Mad Matter carries a great selection of gym mats and athletic flooring options that can help you keep your athletes safe. Whether you need new interlocking rubber tiles for the weight room or rubber floor mats for the wrestling team, we have the school gym mats you need at prices that won’t exceed your school’s budget.

Laboratory Mats 

STEM classes are quickly becoming the bulk of many curricula, and laboratory mats are an essential safety component of your school’s science program. Your students will be dissecting animals and perhaps even handling dangerous chemicals, and you can’t take the chance of anything spilling on the floor. We carry a great selection of easy-to-clean rubber floor mats that can protect your science classrooms and all of the students who use them throughout the year.

Entrance Mats

No matter how large or small your student body is, your school’s entryways get a lot of use throughout the year. Students and faculty members are coming and going throughout the day, and each time they enter, your entrance mats clear their shoes of dirt, moisture, and anything else they might be tracking in from the parking lot.

Your main entryway probably has recessed floor mats of some kind, and while everyone is away on break, you should take a moment to evaluate their condition. Have they sustained any kind of damage over the years, and will they be able to handle another year of students coming and going each day? If you’re not sure, then it’s probably time to think about investing in new recessed flooring for the main entryway.

As far as your other entrances are concerned, you probably have floor mats of some kind around the doors, but it’s probably been a while since you first ordered them. Instead of making do with your old and outdated entrance mats, why not create beautiful custom logo mats for your school? We can create anything from mats with your school’s colors to your mascot or logo, and we know that you’ll love how much school spirit the new mats inspire!

Hall Runners

Your school’s schedule is probably broken up into periods, which means that students are pouring out of classrooms right as the bell rings. Heavy foot traffic can degrade even the toughest flooring materials, which makes it important to invest in protection. Instead of paying for repairs and materials every few years, invest in new floor runners that you can place in your school’s most frequently used areas.

Runner mats can be even more beneficial if your school is located in a state that gets a fair amount of rain or snow throughout the year, as you don’t want students to slip and fall when they’re hurrying to their next class.

Browse Our Catalog Today!

We hope that today’s entry will help you choose the right floor mats for your school this summer. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog page, as we’ll be adding even more informative content in the coming weeks and months!

If you’re ready to get started with a purchase, head over to our online catalog to shop our extensive collection of school mats and floor runners! We have great options at low prices, and The Mad Matter’s exceptional customer service team is always willing to help you find exactly what your school needs. Just get in touch with us if you would like assistance with your order!

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