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If you’re in charge of managing a university, then it’s safe to assume you have a lot on your plate. In addition to taking care of day-to-day logistics, you’re planning for your university’s long-term success and always looking for ways to provide your students with a safe and supportive environment.

Your university may have opened its doors many decades ago, with many of the fixtures and components now becoming worn and outdated. As you begin to renovate different areas of your university, it’s important to remember that floor mats are essential for keeping your students safe and protecting your flooring. Read on to learn about a few of the ways in which The Mad Matter can help you improve your university, and get in touch with us to learn more about our floor mats!

How Can The Mad Matter Help?


As you walk through the different buildings in your university, what do you notice about the entryways? Are the logo mats faded and worn, and do the areas with recessed flooring trap dirt and moisture? Each building has hundreds of students and faculty members walking through each day, and it can be difficult to keep even the best floor mats in good condition for an extended period of time. Your recessed mats have probably sustained some damage from constant wear and tear over the years, and your once-brilliant logo mats are probably showing their age, too.

You, the faculty, and the student body all take pride in your university, so take this opportunity to replace your floor mats throughout the campus! We can provide you with college logo mats designed for indoor and outdoor use, and we can also help you find recessed floor mats that are ideal for your climate.


The cafeteria is a central hub of your university. You have several different food and drink options, drawing both professors and students to the area throughout the day. Both on- and off-campus students spend quite a bit of time studying in the area, and this means that there’s a significant amount of foot traffic coming through every entrance. As we discussed in the previous section, investing in recessed floor mats for your entryways is a great way to prevent dirt and moisture from damaging your floors and creating unsafe conditions. However, you’ll also want to invest in runner mats to place in the areas that get the most traffic throughout the day.

After you’ve addressed your entrances and high-traffic areas, you should turn your attention to the food prep areas and kitchens. Some of the business serving your university may operate using their own equipment, but you may have several university-owned and -operated establishments as well. Given that you’re already investing in recessed floor mats and custom logo mats, why not take this opportunity to buy new commercial kitchen mats as well? You can make your food prep areas safer and more efficient, and you can also buy anti-fatigue mats to keep your employees comfortable while they work.


Your campus is a busy place, and both students and faculty members make their way through hallways before and after class. Each building hosts dozens upon dozens of classes throughout the week, and your university may even hold night and weekend classes for non-traditional students. Given that there’s so much foot traffic throughout each of your campus’ colleges, it makes sense to purchase runner mats to protect your hallway floors from damage. Whether you live in a high-moisture area, or dirt and gravel are your primary concerns, investing in high-quality runner mats from The Mad Matter is a great way to ensure that your hallway flooring stays in pristine condition.


Your university probably has several on-campus gyms and athletic areas, and you don’t want any of your student athletes to be injured while they’re training. We have a great selection of rubber gym mats that can be customized to fit your university’s needs, and our low prices ensure that you’ll have room in your annual budget for even more investments. If you’re not sure which gym mats to use in certain areas, then just reach out to our customer service team and we’ll be happy to help!

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We hope that today’s post will guide you as you improve your university. Come back to our blog page frequently, as we’ll be providing you with even more helpful resources in the coming weeks and months.

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