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As a business owner or property manager, you have a lot on your plate. Between managing your day-to-day operations and planning for the future, you may not have had the time to consider if your business could benefit from floor mats. Make no mistake — your business will benefit from floor mats, and in today’s post, we’ll provide you with information about four of our most popular options that you can choose for your business.

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Which Floor Mat Is Right for You?

Recessed Floor Mats

While some floor mats are intended to be placed on top of an existing floor, recessed floor mats are laid into the existing floor, reducing the risk of trips and falls. Recessed floor mats are available in a wide range of options, and at The Mad Matter, we’ll gladly help you find the right fit. We carry aluminum floor mats, roll-up floor mats, and so much more!

Anti-Fatigue Mats

While we often hear about the dangers of sitting throughout the day, standing on a hard surface can be equally hard on the body. Standing on tile, concrete, and other solid surfaces tends to cause leg cramps and discomfort after just 90 minutes, and with most shifts lasting between six and eight hours, employees risk becoming fatigued and sore throughout the day.

Studies show that anti-fatigue mats can be highly beneficial for those who stand for long periods of time throughout the day, and we proudly carry a number of options that could be right for your business. We have medical anti-fatigue mats that can keep your hospital employees comfortable while promoting sanitary conditions, outdoor anti-fatigue mats that can withstand the elements, sit-stand mats for your office, and so much more!

Floor Runners

Floor runners are an exceptional way to protect your existing flooring while also keeping employees and customers safe. Foot traffic inevitably brings in dirt, gravel, water, and other materials that can damage your flooring and create unsafe conditions, and our floor runners are designed to stop these contaminants in their tracks. No matter which industry your business serves or how much flooring you need to protect, we have floor runners that will fit your needs and your budget!

Logo Mats

As business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to keep your logo and business information visible. You want your repeat customers to be reminded of your business every time they walk through the doors, and you also want to market your brand to first-time customers and anyone else who sees your floor mat.

At The Mad Matter, we proudly carry a number of indoor and outdoor logo mats that can help you showcase your brand’s logo and make a great first impression. We’ll make sure that your mat can handle the needs of your particular region, and we’ll always ensure that your image is clear and crisp before creating it.

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