5 Places That Need Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are one of the best ways to keep employees comfortable, reduce fatigue, and prevent on-the-job accidents from occurring. Almost every industry can benefit from fatigue mats, and in today’s post, we’ll take an in-depth look at five specific industries and locations that should be investing in anti-fatigue mats.

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Does Your Business Need Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Welding Workshops 

Welding is a tough industry. Between high temperatures, heavy equipment, and long hours, the work that welders do on a daily basis can be nothing short of exhausting. If you operate a welding workshop, then you need to make sure that everyone is able to operate their machinery safely and efficiently.

Our anti-fatigue mats for welders are a great way to ensure that everyone in the workshop is staying safe throughout the day, and our mats are designed with the demands of welders in mind. Unlike many of the other welding mats you’ll find online, ours are manufactured with tough materials that can handle showers of hot sparks, dropped objects, grease, and anything else that happens during a typical day in the shop.

Manufacturing Stations

Safety is perhaps the most important aspect of any manufacturing operation. Your workers spend long hours on their feet throughout the day, and you don’t want them to become tired and risk injuring themselves or others on the site. Our anti-fatigue mats for the manufacturing sector are designed with the needs of your workers and OSHA’s stringent color regulations in mind. Some of our mats are lined with bright yellow tape along the edges, while others have the word “CAUTION” written in bold letters in the middle of the mat. We also have options that can withstand high temperatures, grease, oil, and static electricity, and our team will be happy to help you choose the ideal mats for your space.


Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to get your product out in front of hundreds of people. Whether you’re attending a trade show in a large event complex or setting up outside, you’ll almost certainly be on your feet for several hours at a time. Your booth will generate a great deal of interest throughout the day, which means that you may not have an opportunity to rest until the end of the show. Instead of gritting your teeth and toughing it out through a day of standing on a hard surface, why not invest in anti-fatigue trade show mats that you can use whenever you attend an event? Our fatigue mats for trade shows are incredibly easy to set up and take down, providing you with the time you need to focus on your business!


Salons and barbershops require stylists to be on their feet for long hours throughout the day, and due to the unique demands of the business, not just any fatigue mat can be used. The mats need to be easy to clean, and they also need to provide stylists with a comfortable workspace as they move from client to client. We have an unparalleled selection of anti-fatigue mats for salons in our catalog, including mats that can be used in large and small shops alike!


If you’ve ever worked in the retail industry, then you’re probably familiar with how demanding it can be to stand for hours on end. You may have come home with sore feet, cramping calves, or an aching back, and these issues can sometimes negatively affect on-the-job-performance.

Cashiers need anti-fatigue mats that keep them comfortable and energized while they work to move customers through their line, and you can find exactly what your register stations need in The Mad Matter’s catalog!

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We hope that today’s entry will inspire you to invest in the fatigue mats you and your employees need to be successful. Keep an eye on our blog page for even more helpful resources, as we’re always adding new content that can help you improve your business and keep everyone who walks through your doors safe.

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