Aluminum Mat Maintenance

Aluminum Mat Cleaning/Maintenance Instructions

In order for your mat or grate system to retain its beautiful new apprearance for many years a simple plan of regular maintenance should be followed. It is important to establish this regimen when the product is new, because the longer the soil and other debris remain the more difficult it is to remove.  The weather, location, and traffic load will determine the frequency of cleaning required. We recommend the following:

Carpet and Poly Brush Inserts:

Spots and Stains (as needed) –  Oil based soil and stains may be removed with a solvent based carpet cleaner. Caution must be advised when using this type of cleaner. Use on an inconspicuous spot to test for color fastness. Put a few drops and blot with a white cloth for 10 sec, if loose dye  is evident, do not use. Water based soil and stains may be removed using an all-purpose neutral cleaner. Remove all spots as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage to carpet fibers.

Vacuum Schedule (weekly) – Vacuum with upright type equipment with a good beater brush. May use a stiff hand brush to remove lodged debris not removable by vacuum.  Caution should be used when vacuuming near the ends of insert treads to avoid pulling the strips out of the trad rails.

Carpet Cleaning Schedule (Quarterly)  – Shampoo with a rotery shampooer, extractor, or any other commercial cleaning machine. More frequent cleaning will depend on amount of foot traffic utilzing the entry mat. For unusal situations, such as store remodeling, an immedete cleaning may be nessesary upon completion of project.

Vinyl, Vinyl Abrasive, and Serrated Aluminum Inserts:

These treads should be cleaned as nessesary with a soft bristle brush or a damp mop using a mild degergent and water to removed hardened soil. Avoid using strong solvents, especially petroleum based, as they may mar any of the Vinyl surface treads. The mat or grate should be removed from the recess, if allowed, and cleaned underneath periodcially to remove accumulations of trapped dirt.