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Affordable Floor Mat Runners and Matting

Floor Mat Runners and Matting is somewhat of a “catch-all” category. There are many uses for matting. Runner floor mats merely provide more of the benefits of the selected matting. Some runners serve multiple functions. For instance, the floor mat runner pictured to the left is called Versa Runner. This particular matting is acting as both an anti-fatigue mat for a linear workstation and it is also providing a level of protection from slip and falls. The pictured area has oils and lubricants along with metal shavings all around it. The runner mat in this instance offers a high coefficient of friction to prevent slippage. The slotted holes allow debris and liquids to fall below the walking surface and finally, the construction of the runner matting itself provides a level of comfort as an anti-fatigue mat to the worker. Runner mats like these are usually cut to length and are available in rolls. Another consideration when choosing a floor mat runner for factory work settings like these is wheeled carts and other foot traffic may need to traverse on or near the runner. One must ensure that the matting is not an impediment to carts while also not posing a trip hazard to the passerby. One of the ways we safeguard against the trip and fall aspect is with a bright color or safety borders on the floor mat to bring attention to it’s position.

An example of a floor mat runner with a safety border is pictured to the right. This color warning system is an important consideration because 30% of all worker injuries are slip and fall related (Wausau Insurance Co.). Notwithstanding the loss of a valuable employee for a period of recuperation, there are also hard dollars associated with these types of injuries. According to the Wausau Insurance Co., the average cost of a slip related injury exceeds $12,000. The appropriate type and amount of safety matting just makes good financial sense.

Along with injuries due to tripping, there are also falls due to slipping. Slip and fall injuries are usually caused by liquids or fine sand-like particulates and dirt on hard floors that do not get properly trapped and retained within a mat or carpet. As someone travels over the danger area, they are at risk – especially if they make a pivotal turn on the slick area. This dangerous situation is usually caused by either the wrong matting or an inadequate amount of matting on the floor.

Not all matting is designed to stop dirt and moisture. The anti-fatigue mats pictured above and to the left are not made for this function.

Entrance mats are usually made to trap soils and moisture and most are also available in a runner floor mat as well. Prevention from slips and falls are not the only benefits one receives through the use of matting. Approximately 70-80% of dust, grime, dirt and moisture gets tracked into a building from pedestrian foot traffic. Once these contaminants enter the property, it can cause a myriad of problems. According to the ISSA, one square yard of carpet can accumulate one pound of dirt in a week and twice that amount during inclement weather. The estimated cost of finding and removing that pound of dirt is $600.00. Putting the correct type and amount of matting at the source helps to concentrate the accumulation in one area. Increased levels of maintenance to keep these mats clean and effective will result in a cleaner building.

3M studies have shown that without effective matting at the entrances, as few as 1500 people entering and exiting a building can remove 42% of the finish from the floor. That finish will need to be re-applied in order to maintain a crisp look. If the sands get ground into a building’s carpet, the grains of sand at the base of the fibers can actually increase the wearing out of the carpet – especially in pivotal areas. The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends a minimum of 12-15 feet of coverage to remove 90% of tracked in soil.




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