24-7 Solid Nitrile Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats


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  • 24-7 Solid Nitrile anti-fatigue mats are an industrial grade interlocking tile fatigue matting system.  The individual anti-fatigue mat tiles snap together to provide a safe, comfortable standing work surface.
  • The 24-7 Anti-fatigue mat is also available with optional 3 x 39 in. yellow safety beveled edge pieces.  Use the yellow edges to help provide a visual warning to anyone approaching the area in which the fatigue matting is placed and also to minimize tripping hazards.
  • The 4 sided interlock system allow for for large area and custom configurations for the anti-fatigue matting.
  • 24-7 Solid Nitrile Industrial anti-fatigue mats are resistant to mineral based cutting fluids and helps to provide good chemical resistance.
  • Each 24-7 anti-fatigue mat tile measures 3′ x 3′ x 5/8″ and is the perfect size for single workstations.
  • 24-7 Solid anti-fatigue mat module has hidden interlocks to help hold the tiles in place
  • Custom anti-fatigue mat sizes and unique configurations can be made in increments of 12″ up to 15′ Wide and 60′ Long – CALL 800-739-6171 For Pricing.
  • Edge options for the 24-7 Nitrile fatigue matting comes in optional Yellow and Black Safety Edges.
  • 24-7 anti-fatigue mats are available in 3 different rubber compounds: Solid Cutting Fluid ResistantSolid Grease Resistant, and Solid Nitrile Grease Proof.