Coco Entrance Mats


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  • Coco Entrance Mats are Vinyl backed mats with a tufted top with natural coconut fibers.
  • Coco Mats have a backing that is made of a heavy grade vinyl.
  • Great scraper mat with additional moisture retention. 
  • Coco Floor Mats are popular as recessed floor mats due to their natural appearance.
  • The Coco mat can be custom cut to fit any entrance. 
  • Coco walk off mats come in 5 different levels of thickness
    • 1/2″
    • 5/8″ – Most Popular
    • 3/4″
    • 1″
    • 1 1/2″
  • Maximum available width is 6ft 6in
  • Available for recessed or surface applications.