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  • Colorstar Crunch XL Entrance Mats have a carpet mat surface with extra course solution-dyed nylon fibers in combination with traditional dyed fibers.
  • Great Zone 2 Loose Lay Indoor Mat that Scrapes AND Absorbs shoes clean and dry.
  • If you BUY IN BULK, You WILL Save BIG TIME!
  • Colorstar Crunch floor mats create an excellent scraping/wiping action for maximum soil stopping power.
  • The surface material of Colorstar crunch entrance mat feels like extra thick toothbrush bristles mixed in with carpet fibers.
  • Colorstar Crunch floor mats are made with a 65 mil thick SBR rubber backing and possess a 20% recycled content, making these floor mats Earth friendly.  **90 Mil Backing available upon request
  • All Colorstar Crunch carpet rubber mats have low profile rubber edges that will never curl or crack with time.
  • A Low profile 3/8” thickness allows easy transition from ground to surface of door mat.
  • The maximum length of Colorstar Crunch XL Entrance Mats is 30′. 
  • Colorstar Crunch XL Carpet Entrance Mats are ideal as a finishing wiper mat, also great as a safety floor mat runner.
  • Smooth Backing ONLY. Cleated backing available in 3’, 4’, and 5’ widths in Standard Colorstar Crunch.
  • Colorstar Crunch XL floor mats are available in a Nitrile Rubber backing by request.
  • Colorstar Crunch XL floor mats are EXTRA LARGE and are available in 7’, 8′, 9′, 10′, 11′ and 12’ widths**
  • Ideal Applications: Indoor areas where a large area carpet mat is needed such as Hotel foyers, Entrance Matting to Office Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Businesses, Government buildings, and many more.
  • Due to manufacturing process actual lengths tend to be smaller by no more than 5% – Actual Widths for the published sizes will be closer to the following:  7′ Width (78″)     8′ Width (88″)     9′ Width  (102″)      10′ Width (116″)            11′ Width (126″)         12′ Width (136″)
**Nitrile rubber (AcryloNitrile Butadiene Rubber), SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber). Nitrile rubber is used for applications where oil resistance is needed, SBR is a more generic rubber**
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Please Note:

Colorstar Crunch XL Entrance Mats come out slightly smaller in size, due to “curing” process.

Ask an associate for further details.

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