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  • Cushion Station Kitchen Mats are anti-fatigue mats specifically designed for a commercial kitchen environment
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  • Cushion Station floor mats provide superior comfort in the challenging environments of commercial kitchens of restaurants, hotels and food processing plants.
  • Cushion Station kitchen mats are made from highly durable closed cell Nitrile rubber cushion combined with nitrile rubber molded into an unique design – The Cushion Station kitchen mat provides superior anti-fatigue mat properties
  • Cushion Station kitchen floor mats are GREASE PROOF and stand up to OILS  so they are well suited for any kitchen application or industrial workstation
  • These rubber floor mats are WELDING SAFE and they are also STATIC DISSIPATIVE floor mats that can be used around sensitive equipment to help prevent static build-up.
  • Cushion Station kitchen mats are available with holes to allow for drainage or in a non-perforated construction.
  • All Cushion Station kitchen mats are ANTI-MICROBIAL to protect against odors and degradation.
  • The unique design of Cushion Station kitchen mats allows them to be sterilized with an autoclave – Great for Medical or Surgical Environments
  • With an 7/16″ Overall Thickness, Cushion Station floor mats are thick enough to offer comfort, but not too thick to pose a tripping hazard
  • Cushion Station Kitchen Mats are ideal for use in machine shops, work stations or other heavy industrial applications, medical facilities (i.e., operating rooms, delivery rooms, etc.), kitchens and locker rooms.

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