Gel Pro – Continuous Comfort Runner



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Proudly made in the USA, Continuous Comfort Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats by NewLife® are ergonomically designed to reduce leg, foot, and back discomfort and fatigue experienced by workers who stand on hard flooring. Each continuous length mat features our unique, invisible seam design which prevents the risk of tripping while working in extended work areas. This industrial mat for standing is ideal for employees who stand behind customer service and retail counters or in banks, pharmacies and factory lines.

Engineered with eco-friendly Bio-Foam®, NewLife® Eco-Pro mats feature a durable, polyurethane construction that delivers premium comfort and support in the workplace. The bottom surface is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute for its superior high traction properties. The top surface features a brushed texture surface which coordinates well with office spaces, retail stores and other commercial environments. 

Premium comfort designed for extended work areas

  • Unique design features invisible seams
  • Reduces risk of tripping while working
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • 3/4″ Thickness
  • Beveled edges for safety & accommodating service carts
  • Perfect ergonomic balance of comfort & support
  • Proven to reduce spinal compression & increase flexibility
  • Reduces fatigue and discomfort caused by long-term standing
  • One-piece polyurethane construction will not delaminate or wear down
  • Will not absorb fluids or dirt
  • Matte textured top surface for added safety
  • High-traction bottom surface certified by National Floor Safety Institute

Continuous length anti-fatigue mats ideal for:

  • Customer service counters
  • Shipping and packaging
  • Bank tellers
  • Pharmacies
  • Assembly or factory lines
  • Picking lines
  • Retail counters


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20" x 132", 20" x 174", 20" x 216", 20" x 258", 20" x 90", 24" x 126", 24" x 156", 24" x 186", 24" x 216", 24" x 246", 24" x 66", 24" x 96", 36" x 114", 36" x 168", 36" x 222", 36" x 276"


Black, Black With Yellow Safety Border