GRATEdesign Rigid Grate 1-3/4″

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Product Description


GRATEdesign rigid grate is sturdy and offers design flexibility and is effective in any type of high-traffic entrance.

Rail Material – Aluminum

Depth – 1-3/4″

Tread Spacing – 2-1/2″ on center

Tread Options – Premium Carpet, Rugged Scrub, Vinyl, Ribbed Runner, Eco Tread, Aluminum Abrasive, Vinyl Abrasive, Serrated Aluminum or Brush

Rail Finish – Mill, Clear or Color Anodized

Frames – Level Bed or Deep Pit

Rolling Load – 1,000 lbs/wheel

Uniform Load – 80,000 lbs/ft2

Warranty – 2 or 5 years


Dual Treads for Dual Purpose – Now offering the design flexibility to mix and match treads. Simply select treads for absorption, scraping or slip resistance.

Strong and Silent – This durable aluminum entrance matting is constructed with I-beams for added strength and cushions to deaden sound.

Stop the Dirt at the Door – Protect your building floors from dirt and moisture with the use of entrance mats and grates.


Tread Options – For colors Scroll down or click on your choice below

 Brush (Black Only)  EcoTread  Premium Carpet
 Ribbed Runner (Black Only)  Rugged Scrub  Vinyl
Vinyl Abrasive Serrated Aluminum

Rail Finish 









Deep Pit Cast-In Level Bed Mech. Fastened Frame Level Bed Cast-In Frame


EcoTread Colors –

Premium Carpet Colors –



Rugged Scrub Colors –

Vinyl Colors –

Vinyl Abrasive Colors – 

Aluminum Abrasive Colors –