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Sending the right message: Keep your hands Clean!

We all have to remember to keep our hands clean during this time.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the promotion of frequent and thorough hand washing for workers, customers, and visitors. Since people tend to look down when they walk, mats can serve as a great way to promote important messages or reminders. We are offering some eye catching designs to help with this! We have fun and classic designs  that would be great for schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, shopping centers, and in any public areas to help remind patrons to wash and/or sanitize their hands.

Inside Logo mat designs include:

(These are eco-friendly PET -polyethylene terephthalate- fabric with rubber backing. Soft, durable, and fade resistant)

Hand washing -inside mat use


Stick and Stand Mats for Indoor

Stick-and-Stand mats are adhesive-backed mats designed to clearly mark floors and provide customers with a safe place to stand while waiting in lines. Universal “stop sign” shape with shoe prints marks where customers should stand. Mats can be placed at safe intervals in virtually any configuration. All mats are Anti-microbial and are treated for protection from odors. Stick-and-Stand mats are less likely to leave a sticky residue than floor decals. Low-profile high-traction surface provides additional traction and slip resistance. Mats can be left in place during daily floor cleaning; floor scrubbers, mops, and brooms will pass right over them without causing damage. Stick and Stand Mats will preform for 3-4 months under normal use.

*Sold in a case of 6 mats netting out from $11.45 to $15.00 per mat depending upon number of cases ordered – Delivered!

Mat size is 17″ x 17″ octagonal shape with a very low thickness for ADA compliance





Outside/Inside Logo Mat Designs include:

(Durable berber surface pattern with rubber backing and Heavy Duty Beveled Edging for safety. Great for outside and inside applications)


Hand washing - inside/outside matsHand washing - inside/outside mats

Hand washing - inside/outside mats

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Handwash Sanitize Logo Mats

Design A1- 3' x 5' -Horizontal -Don't Spread Germs, Design A2 – 3'x5' -Horizontal-Hand Sanitize Station Mat, Design A2- 2'x3'- Horizontal- Hand Sanitize Station, Design A3-3'x5'-Vertical- Please Wash Your Hands, Design A4-3'x5'-Horizontal-Wash your hands, Design A5-3'x5'-Horizontal-Sanitize your hands, Design M10-12"x12" -Hand Sanitize Station, Design M10-12"x24" -Hand Sanitize Station, Design M6-3'x5'-Horizontal-Stay Healthy Wash Your Hands, Design M6-4'x6'-Horizontal-Stay Healthy Wash Your Hands, Design M7-3'x5'-Horizontal-Stay Healthy Wash Your Hands, Design M7-4'x6'-Horizontal-Stay Healthy Wash Your Hands, Design M8-3'x5'-Horizontal-Stay Healthy Sanitize Your Hands, Design M8-4'x6'-Horizontal-Stay Healthy Sanitize Your Hands, Design M9-3'x5'-Horizontal-Stay Healthy Sanitize Your Hands, Design M9-4'x6'-Horizontal-Stay Healthy Sanitize Your Hands, Stick and Stand Mats (case of 6 each)

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