Hog Heaven Modular with Yellow EdgeHog Heaven Modular III Industrial Anti Fatigue Mats- Corner with Yellow BorderHog Heaven Modular Tile ConfigurationsHog Heaven Modular Application
Hog Heaven Modular with Yellow Edge
Hog Heaven Modular III Industrial Anti Fatigue Mats- Corner with Yellow Border
Hog Heaven Modular Tile Configurations
Hog Heaven Modular Application

Hog Heaven III Modular Tiles



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  • Outstanding anti-fatigue qualities for dry areas
  • Use Hog Heaven Modular Tiles to build your floor quickly and easily.  With 3 Tile configurations, it is easy to achieve multiple shapes and configurations.
  • If one tile becomes damaged, no need to replace the whole mat, just the affected tile.
  • Hog Heaven Modular Tiles are  made with a solid 20% recycled Nitrile rubber top surface has excellent chemical and oil resistance that is bonded to a Closed Cell Nitrile Rubber Cushion
  • Hog Heaven Modular tiles rubber cushion provides a superior, comfortable standing work surface
  • Overall thickness of 3/4″
  • Hog Heaven Mats are Welding Safe  
  • Nitrile rubber surface is molded to the cushion backing (not glued) so the surface will not delaminate
  • Rubber surface remains flexible for the life of the product and will not curl or crack like vinyl mats
  • Border is available in black and yellow striped – Specify a Yellow Border when a visual warning is necessary for a dangerous work area
  • Electrically Conductive so is suitable for use around sensitive electronics
  • All Hog Heaven mats are certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • Don’t see the size or configuration you need? – Call us for assistance!
  • Beveled edging comes pre-attached to Corner and Side pieces for safe transition from mat to floor. 
  • Hog Heaven III Modular Anti-Fatigue Tiles are available in three separate pieces and can be purchased separately – just call:
    • Corner – 21.875″ x 21.875″
    • Middle – 18″ x 18″ 
    • Side – 18″ x 21.875″ 
  • Recommended for distribution, manufacturing and retail facilities for picking lines, assembly lines, work stations, check-out stations and more.



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Standard Black Edge, Yellow Safety Edge