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  • Infinity Salon Mats are comfortable anti-fatigue salon mats that address the standing needs and orthopedic health of stylists and barbers in an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • With a 3/4″ Thickness, Infinity Salon floor mats are one of the best anti-fatigue mats for salons on the market
  • Infinity Salon mats have beveled Edges Will Never Curl
  • Infinity Salon mats will Not Separate, Bubble, or Delaminate and is stain and hair color resistant
  • Perfected and Tested for Over 10 Years
  • Infinity Salon mats have a protective Clear Coat Finish
  • While the Infinity Salon mat are originally designed for multi chair stations, it is also just a great anti-fatigue mat. It can be assembled with the various module sizes to create a great anti-fatigue mat for counter areas, production lines or any work area where a continuous anti-fatigue mat runner of high quality and performance is desired.
  • The Infinity Salon mat utilizes a modular approach to permit a continuous runner of anti-fatigue floor mat relief for as long as is necessary to accommodate a salon’s specific requirements
  • Available in 4′ Wide Puzzle shaped modules with beveled edges, Infinity fatigue mats connect to create a clean, attractive and uniform look
  • All Infinity Salon Mats are made from a durable Polyurethane material in a proprietary process that offers a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on this product.
  • Proudly Made in the USA, Infinity floor mats offer the perfect mix of durability, stability and slip resistance
  • Beveled Edges of the Infinity Salon floor mat will never develop edge curl and are guaranteed not to bubble, delaminate or wear through
  • Infinity floor mats are not only great fatigue mats, the are also tough too – Heel and Puncture resistant
  • The Infinity floor runner mat is available in an attractive Black Matte Finish that looks great
  • Stain Resistance to chemicals associated with the hair care industry and superior comfort make Infinity fatigue mats the salon mat of choice everywhere

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2' Spacer, 4' Center Piece, 4' Left Piece, 4' Right Piece