Kleen Rite – Runner 3/32″


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  • Kleen Rite Runner floor matting is used to protect floors and prevents slip accidents. 
  • Other applications of the Kleen Rite Runner are to use as a shelf liner, or to line drawers or lockers. 
  • Kleen Rite vinyl runner matting is one of our most versatile industrial runners.     
  • Overall Thickness: 3/32″          
  • The pebbled surface of Kleen Rite floor matting quickly elevates the safety level of unsafe walk surfaces.
  • Composed of a heavy duty Vinyl. 
  • Kleen Rite floor mats are durable and abrasion resistant.
  • The Kleen Rite floor mat is available in Standard and Custom sizes in 3′ or 4′ widths up to 150′ in length.
  • With a low profile Kleen Rite vinyl matting helps to improve safety by minimizing trip hazards.
  • Ideal uses are as a floor mat runner when a slick floor poses possible slip and fall issues.
  • Kleen Rite floor mats are available in a standard Black

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