Shower Tile Edge Ramps


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Shower Tile Edge Ramp - MaleShower Tile Edge Ramp - Female Corner

Shower Tile Edge Ramp - FemaleShower Tile Edge Ramp - Male Corner

Shower Tile Edge Ramps should be used whenever the finished mat will be utilized in a surface application.  The beveled edge ramps will help to prevent trip and fall incidents by providing a sloped edge.  Shower tile edge ramps can be used with Comfort Tiles, Cross Rib Tiles and Deck Tiles.

How to figure edging for all 4 sides:

Double the length and Double the Width to arrive at a TOTAL NUMBER of Edge Ramps needed.

Subtract 4 (# of corners of a mat)from that number to determine the number of Edge Ramps needed.

One half of the Corner Edge Ramps and one half of the Edge Ramps will need to be Male and the other half will need to be Female.

For Instance:  If you want a 4′ x 6′ finished mat with edging, you will need a total of 20 Edge Ramps (4+4+6+6=20 Total).  Broken out, this mat will require 4 Corner Edge Ramps (2 Male and 2 Female) and 16 Edge Ramps (8 Male and 8 Female)



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