Switchboard Matting- Type III – Military Diamond Plate – 3/16″


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  • Switchboard Floor Mats- Type III – Military Diamond Plate – 3/16″ are non-conductive floor mats that meet the strict Military Standard 15562-G Amend. 3, Type III. 
  • Switchboard floormats – Type III – Military Diamond Plate – 3/16″ is perfect for use around high voltage apparatus to protect personnel from electric shock.
  • This non-conductive mat has a low profile with an overall 3/16″ Thickness
  • Diamondplate surface of the Military Diamond Plate Switchboard matting offers additional traction and abrasion resistance.
  • Military Switchboard floor matting with a Diamond-Plate surface is 3/16” thickness PVC non-conductive compound
  • Available in 3’ widths up to 75’ in length
  • Switchboard Material Color:  Gray
  • Switchboard floor matting can withstand up to 30,000 volts, but not recommended to exceed 3,000 volts
  • 1 Year Warranty

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