Tile Top Anti-Fatigue Mat



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  • Tile Top Anti-Fatigue Mats are the workhorse of the anti-fatigue matting industry.
  • Great for adding comfort to a myriad of standing work stations such as behind counters, pharmacy areas, UPS/FEDX Shipping and Receiving areas, labs, cashiers, etc.
  • Available in two thicknesses – 1/2″ or Double Sponge 7/8″
  • Tile Top Anti-Fatigue matting is available in 2′, 3′, 4′, 6’** and 8′ Wide** goods in 1′ increments up to 60′ in total length (**6′ and 8′ wide goods are seamed to achieve desired width)
  • Tile Top Fatigue mats can also be made to just about any configuration – so if you need a 39″ x 94″ L shaped mat – We can make to fit your needs.
  • While the standard widths are as noted, we can also make runners in variable widths to the inch.
  • Tile Top anti-fatigue mats have a smooth surface which allows for easy cleaning – sweep or damp mop to clean.
  • Tile Top floor mats will have beveled edges on all sides unless a square edge is requested**  We recommend square edges when the mat will butt up to a wall or counter.  We can bevel 1, 2, 3 or 4 sides as needed.
  • The Heavy duty vinyl marbleized surface is 3/32″ thick and is bonded to a closed cell polymeric sponge base.  This results in a buoyant, comfortable standing mat that is resistant to oils and industrial chemicals.
  • Marbleized colors:  Blue, Black/White, Brown, Gray, Charcoal or Solid Black

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2', 3', 4', 6', 8'

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1/2", 7/8"


Marbleized Black/White, Marbleized Blue, Marbleized Brown, Marbleized Charcoal, Marbleized Grey, Solid Black