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  • WellnessMat R-Series Kitchen Mats provide custom sizes using individual puzzle shaped anti-fatigue mat modules to fit the exact area of your kitchen or standing workstation.
  • Available in 2′ and 3′ wide interlocking floor mats that can be linked together to form a continuous floor mat runner up to 9.5′ in length.
  • Precision cutting of the WellnessMat R-Series Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Mats modules provide for a smooth, cushioned standing surface that will provide relief for virtually any work space.
  • The R Series WellnessMat floor mat is not only designed for kitchen mat applications, it is also suitable for any counter area or assembly line where a long floor mat for standing is required.  With a full 3/4″ Thickness, the WellnessMat R Series anti-fatigue mat is the floor mat of choice.
  • Made from durable advanced polyurethane technology, WellnessMat R-Series floor mats will retain its resilience and buoyancy for years of anti fatigue relief  –
  • A Full 7 Year Warranty
  • WellnessMat R-Series Kitchen Anti-Fatigue mats will not suffer edge delaminate or curl like other mats – They will always lie flat.
  • All WellnessMats floor mats are puncture and heat resistant making them great for kitchen applications
  • WellnessMat floor mats employ beveled edges to provide a  transition from floor to floor mat thus minimizing tripping hazards.
  • Each WellnessMat within the Runner Series begins as a 5′ x 2′ floor mat that is then cut down to your custom length. Since all Runner Sets start out as the same size, the corresponding price for each custom floor mat is the same. There are no additional costs associated with Runner-Series custom cuts and standard sizes 7.5′ – 9.5′ in length.  
  • Contact a sales representative for CUSTOM CUTS and sizes. 
  • WellnessMat floor mats are proudly Made In The USA
  • Ideal Applications for the R Series WellnessMat line of floor mats:  Airport Counters, Salons, Retail Counters, Hotel Check In Desks, Home Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, Workshops

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Wellnessmat L/R- Series Colors
Wellnessmat L/R- Series Colors