Worksafe Light Kitchen Mat



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Worksafe Light Kitchen Mat

  • Worksafe Light Kitchen Mat is Lightwight and rolls up to ease the strain during clean up
  • Worksafe Light industrial rubber kitchen floor mats are available in 3′ x 5′ , 3′ x 10′ and a 3′ x 20′ roll size
  • The Worksafe Light anti-fatigue mat is now made with a new cutting fluid resistant compound (CFR) that is resistant to the effects of mineral oil based cutting fluids making this a very good industrial fatigue matting
  • Worksafe Light kitchen mats are 1/2″ in thickness 
  • Beveled edges on all 4 sides of the floor mat help to provide a safe work area
  • Large round holes molded into the Worksafe Light kitchen mat allows for debris and liquids to safely fall through the mat below the standing surface
  • Gray
  • Worksafe Light floor mats are ADA Compliant
  • Use Worksafe Light kitchen mats to provide a safe and comfortable standing surface in kitchens and industrial settings where oils and liquids present a challenge
  • Worksafe Light Kitchen safety floor mats have a 1 year warranty
  • While tough, Worksafe Light floor mats are also extremely comfortable


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3'x10', 3'x20', 3'x5'