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Don’t Let Your Recessed Floor Mats Look Like This Refurbish them with DiamondStrips to Look Like This
If your building presently uses a Recessed Floor Mat that is either an Aluminum Footgrille or Aluminum Roll-up mat – Thank Your Architect. You possess potentially one of the most effective matting systems available.

While your present recessed mats may look like a “Before” picture – They can quickly be transformed into the visually appealing and effective matting system your architect originally intended.

Most manufacturers of Recessed Footgrilles and Aluminum Roll-Up mats make their mats to last for many years.  Unfortunately, most of these factories do not put their names on their products.

Furthermore, each factory maintains a patent on their product design.  While each factory’s product is similar to the casual observer, various attributes of the designs are altered to escape patent infringement.

Many of the attributes that are altered involve the way the insert treads fit into the aluminum tracks of the mat.  Variations in insert widths, thicknesses, colors, methods of attachment and aluminum design are all features that differ between factories.

As a result – The Factory Inserts from One Factory RARELY fit into the Recessed Mats of another factory. This poses a challenge for the end user when his mats get worn out.  The metal of the recessed mats can last for decades.

The carpet inserts, however, take the abuse of snow, rain, salt, sand and foot traffic.  It is only a matter of time before the floor mats need some attention.  The choices a property manager, facility manager or engineer is faced with is to either replace the entire matting system or to refurbish their existing recessed mats with new inserts.

The challenge is in identifying the factory that originally made the recessed mats in need of repair. If unable to find inserts that will fit into their existing floor mats, the end user is often relegated to replacing the entire recessed matting system which can be very expensive.The solution is to Refurbish your existing recessed floor mats with DiamondStrips.

Provided that the underlying aluminum structure of the recessed mats are in good shape, refurbishing an existing floor mat with DiamondStrips is often a much more cost effective approach.

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Recessed Floor Mats outfitted with DiamondStrips are designed to withstand the High Levels of Traffic associated with Office Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Retail Stores and Hotels

Indoor or Outdoor

DiamondStrips are Easy To Install – No Special Skill Sets Needed

Wide Selection of Colors

Simple Logos are possible – Call for Details

Berber Pattern provides aggressive scraping action

Tightly woven Needle-Punch Construction


Refurbish your Recessed Mats IN PLACE – Recessed Mats are often heavy, cumbersome, have sharp edges and can become damaged if proper care is not taken when removed.

New Mats can cost $30 – $60 per sq. foot – Replacing tired worn out carpet inserts with DiamondStrips is a fraction of the expense.

Easy to Use Measuring Kit provides us with the information we need to properly make our DiamondStrips fit into your Recessed Floor Mat

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 The DiamondStrip Logo Process is available for New or Refurbished Recessed Mats.  The logo process is an inlay process that uses the colors below to achieve vibrant designs.  Due to the gaps between the inserts of the recessed floor matting, it may be necessary to alter designs to achieve the best look.  We provide proofs for approval prior to fabrication.  Call Now for more information.



 Color Options Below:  Most Popular are

  Charcoal, Forest, Zinc and Silver Star              All Colors from the SandTrap and Piazza Color Line