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  • Aluminum Foot Grille - 1-5/8" - Recessed Floor Mat with cushions
  • Aluminum Foot Grille 1-5/8" Alternating Serrated and Carpet Inserts
  • Aluminum Foot Grille Refurbished with Diamondstrips - Charcoal
  • Aluminum Foot Grille - 1-5/8" Insert Types
  • Frame 420/422 - Aluminum Foot Grille 1-5/8"
  • Frame 420  - Aluminum Foot Grille 1-5/8"
  • Frame 421 Deep Pit Frame - Aluminum Foot Grille 1-5/8"
  • Frame 424 Angle Frame - Aluminum Foot Grille 1-5/8"
  • Recessed Floor Mat - Ideal Traffic Direction

Aluminum Foot Grille - 1-5/8" - Recessed Floor Mat

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Product Description

Aluminum Foot Grille - 1-5/8" - Recessed Floor Mat

  • Our Aluminum Foot Grille - 1-5/8" - Recessed Floor Mat features high end durability and performance.
  • All Aluminum Recessed Floor Mats are Custom Made - There may be common sizes, but each mat is made to order -
  • In order to give you a proper price quote we need specific information. Please Scroll Below.  
  • The actual grate for this type of recessed mat measures 1-5/8" in depth, however, there are several frames available to accomodate different recessed depths. CLICK HERE for PICTURE Examples. 
  • The Aluminum Foot Grille - 1-5/8" - Recessed Floor Mat can handle rolling loads of up to 300lbs per wheel and are made from 6063-T52 aluminum spaced at 1-1/2" on center
  • Each tread rail is secured with keylock bars placed on 6" centers - The keylocks are both mechanically locked in place and welded in place for maximum strength
  • The Aluminum Foot Grille - 1-5/8" - Recessed Floor Mat is notoriously dependable and are mats that can perform for decades. The inserts may require replacing, but the aluminum foot grille itself will last for a long time barring damage.
  • The underside of the recessed foot grilles have thermoplastic foot pads to put a reduce "metal to concrete" noise where the mat rests on the recessed pit floor
  • An Aluminum Foot Grille - 1-5/8" - Recessed Floor Mat is designed to allow dirt and moisture to fall below into the pit below so that it does not get tracked into the building 
  • Aluminum foot grilles do not roll up like other recessed aluminum mats, but can be periodically lifted out of the recess for cleaning 
  • Drain Pans are a great option to have for heavy rain fall areas. 
  • QUICK TIP: The Foot Grille offers an additonal Insert option of Alternating Serrated Aluminum and a different insert for superior scraping and/or absorbtion combo. 

INSERT (Surface Treads) options:

    • Carpet - Moisture Absorption - Designed for Interior Use  COLOR OPTIONS
    • Poly Brush - Superior Scraping Action - Great for indoor use or as a first line of defense.  COLOR OPTIONS
    • Peak Vinyl - Indoor/Outdoor Scraping Action  COLOR OPTIONS
    • Serrated Aluminum - Ultimate Longevity Scraping Action (No inserts to replace, EVER) - Outdoor or Indoor use
    • Vinyl Abrasive - High Friction coefficient - Outdoor or Indoor - Like walking on Sandpaper   COLOR OPTIONS
    • Alternating - Alternating between Serrated Aluminum and Your Choice of Additional Insert

 FINISHES for Frames and Metal portions of Recessed Foot Grilles:


    • Standard Mill
    • Clear Anodized
    • Black Anodized
    • Dark Bronze Anodized
    • Medium Bronze Anodized
    • Lt. Beige Anodized
    • Brass Anodized
    • Gold Anodized

**Lead time depends on the type of Metal Finish desired:  Standard Mill takes 1-2 weeks, Anodized Finish can take 3-4 weeks.**

To Receive a Proper Quote we will need the following Information:  
  • Recess Depth of Pit
  • Frame Type - 420/422, 420, 421, 424
  • Finish of the Aluminum - Mill Finish, Clear anodized, Medium Bronze anodized, Dark Bronze Anodized, Black Anodized, etc.
  • Insert Type - Carpet, Polybrush, Peak Vinyl, Vinyl Abrasive, Serrated Aluminum, or Alternating Serrated. 
  • Size of Recess - Width (wide) x Length (tall)
  • Ship To Zip Code for freight
Once you have this info or have any questions, please call us at  800-739-6171 or email us at HELP@madmatter.biz
Below you will find Picture examples of Frames, Insert Colors and Finishes

424 "L" Angle Frame

For Recesses that have already been formed

Requires a 1-3/4" Recess Depth

The 424 Frame screws into the pit floor up against the pit wall 

We make the outside dimension of the frame to fit the pit and then the mat fits inside the frame

1/8" Gauge aluminum reveal 

The frame is necessary to protect the surrounding flooring from damage caused by carts and wheeled traffic.




Frame 420 L & P - Level Bed

The 420 Frame is designed to be set in wet concrete

Lag bolt holds frame tightly in place after concrete sets

Once the frame is set, the Recessed Foot Grille drops in place

1/2" Gauge aluminum reveal

Make certain to take thickness of finish floor into account when setting the 420 Frame




Frame 420/422 For Foot Grilles

Available with or without a drain pan 

Specifiy:  420x423x422 with Pan or 420x423x422 Without Pan

Allows for a deeper recess depth of 2-23/32" depth

Cross Supports under the Foot Grille allows for larger quantities of liquids to be retained

Surface reveal is 1/2" - Lag Bolts Hold Frame Fast

Make certain to take thickness of finish floor into account when setting the 420-422 Frame

Frames can be shipped ahead of mats upon request




421 L & P Recessed Frames

The 421 Frame is the stoutest Recessed Frame 

Allowing for a Recess depth of over 4", with lag bolts and vertical cross supports

The 421 Frame should be used when large amounts of liquids from rain and snow are anticipated.

Make certain to take thickness of finished floor into account when setting frame 421 

Available with our without a drain pan 

Frames can be shipped ahead of mats upon request



Carpet Colors

black-cherry.png black.png blue.png brownstone.png charcoal.png chrome.png
Black Cherry Black Blue Brownstone Charcoal Chrome
espresso.png hunter.png java.png mauve.png midnight.png sandy.png
Espresso Hunter Java Mauve Midnight Sandy


 Poly Brush Colors

brush-grey.png poly-brush-black.jpg brush-brown.png
Grey Black Brown


Peak Vinyl Colors

vinyl-black.png vinyl-blue.png vinyl-beige.png vinyl-brown.png vinyl-grey.png
Black Blue Beige Brown Grey


Vinyl Abrasive

vinyl-abrasive-black.png vinyl-abrasive-brown.png vinyl-abrasive-grey.png vinyl-abrasive-red.png
Black Brown Grey Red


 Aluminum Finishes

anodized-aluminum-black.png anodized-aluminum-brass-anodized.png anodized-aluminum-clear.png anodized-aluminum-dark-bronze.png
Black Anodized Brass Anodized Clear Anodized Dark Bronze Anodized
anodized-aluminum-gold-anodized.png anodized-aluminum-light-beige.png anodized-aluminum-standard-med-bronze.png anodized-aluminum-standard-mill-aluminum.png
Gold Anodized Light Beige Anodized

 Med Bronze Anodized

Standard Mill Aluminum



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