Affordable Floor Mats for all applications – Entrances, Logo, Custom Sizes, Custom Applications

  Logo Floor Mats                                                   

  Logo mats make a great first impression.  Logo mats are a great way to enhance company branding measures, promote safety messages, identify buildings and as a way to augment the entrances of any home or business.  Let The Mad Matter help you to find the best style of logo matting based upon the desired function, logo colors and complexity of your logo’s design.  We offer a myriad of logo processes – each intended to achieve a specific result.  Whether your logo mats will be indoor, outdoor, recessed, lying on top of the walk surface – We’ve got your logo mat.  We strive to help you choose the best logo matting in a fun and creative manner.  You only get one chance to make a great first impression.

  Entrance Mats and Runners  

The primary function of entrance mats are to stop dirt and moisture at the door and to help mitigate slips and falls.  We offer a wide array of entrance mats to meet any challenge.  Whether your requirements are for indoor or outdoor entrance mats, custom sizes, custom shapes or special requirements, let our 20+ years of floor matting experience help you to make the best decision.  Use our expertise to make the entrances to your building or home more safe, more effective at controlling the effects of “mother nature” – and doing so in an affordable and aesthetically pleasing manner.

  Full Selection of Entrance Mats and Runners

  Recessed Floor Mats

Recessed floor mats provide a smooth transition between floor matting and surrounding walk surfaces.  Choosing the proper recessed floor mats will result in not only an effective entrance matting system, but one that also provides the high end first impression often desired by hotels, office buildings and corporate facilities.  Some recessed floor mats allow for the use of drainage systems while others allow the depth of the recess to capture any moisture or debris.  We offer a full selection of Aluminum Footgrilles, Roll-up Mats, Heavy Duty Rolled Broadloom Goods and Entrance Tiles to address any recessed matting requirements.  For knowledgeable assistance, quick quotes, questions on maintenance or help with the refurbishment of your existing recessed mats, please give us an opportunity to serve you.

  Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats help to provide a safe, comfortable standing surface for employees and individuals required to stand for long periods of time.  Anti-fatigue mats are made from a variety of materials and constructions.  Some anti-fatigue mats are designed for wet areas, oily environments, dry areas or areas where static electricity is a concern.  Choosing the most affordable anti-fatigue mats will key on identifying which features are most important for your particular application and not paying for features that you do not need.  Anti-fatigue mats will generally fall into one of three types of construction:  Closed Cell Sponge, Closed Cell Sponge with a Protective Surface and a Molded Construction.  Each construction allows that type of anti-fatigue mat to offer certain features.  Anti-fatigue mats with a sponge construction can often be made in rolls to allow for long anti-fatigue mat runner applications.  Molded anti-fatigue mats will often focus on specific features such as superior anti-fatigue relief which may sacrifice the ability to achieve other features such as a low expense.  Choosing affordable anti-fatigue mats is not difficult, it just requires a focused effort on choosing features that are worth it.

  Kitchen Mats

Kitchen mats fall into at least two categories:  Commercial Use and Residential Use. Commercial kitchen mats should help to provide safe footing and/or comfort in areas like Grilles, Food Prep areas, Dishwashing Stations, Walk-in Coolers and transition areas between cooking areas and dining areas.  The features of commercial kitchen mats will focus more on safety, ease of maintenance and the ability to control fallen food particles.  Other things to consider when choosing a commercial kitchen mat may be:  Will any wheeled carts be used, thickness of the mat, weight of the mats, friction coefficiency and overall size of the matting.  Kitchen mats used in a home setting will often have an increased focus on aesthetics and comfort and less of an emphasis on providing a non-slip surface.  

  Exercise Mats

Exercise mats help to protect floor surfaces from damage that can occur in a weight room or home gym setting.  Generally, exercise mats are available in individual mats, interlocking tiles or rolled rubber flooring.  Rolled Rubber flooring should be properly installed for optimal performance.  Interlocking tiles will offer the floor protection desired, but also offer the additional features of portability and ease of installation – You can take your floor with you when you move or you can add or subtract to suit your particular exercise flooring needs.

  Shower Mats and Wet Area Flooring and Mats

The need for safe footing in home showers, around saunas, pools and in locker rooms can not be overemphasized.  Furthermore, the need for wet area flooring and mats is becoming more important as our population ages.  Wet areas can be prone to mold and mildew build-up.  Another issue to consider is water flow management.  Interlocking shower tiles offer some of the best designs to allow water to drain properly and allows the positive effects of air flow. Certain wet area flooring is designed for inside use while other types are UV stable and can be used outdoors, on decks, boats and outside shower areas.

  Salon Mats

Working as a stylist or barber can be brutal on one’s feet, back and lower extremities.  Properly selected salon mats will help to increase productivity, morale and blood flow to help reduce fatigue and pain caused by prolonged standing.  You will find that we offer a full line of salon mats.  We can also provide custom sizes and shapes to allow for any chair base.  You work hard and you deserve to stand on the best salon mats.

  Garage Flooring

Quickly transform tired, stained or cracked garage floors into a fresh, clean and vibrant part of your home.  Through the use of our garage mats, garage tiles and garage flooring products, you can showcase your collectible vehicles.  Furthermore, properly selected garage flooring will  protect concrete from the degrading effects of oils, salts and chemicals.

  Interlocking Tiles

Modular flooring and interlocking tiles can be used for many purposes – Tradeshows, weight rooms, garage areas, shower areas, anti-fatigue and kitchen settings.  All of these products share the features of portability and do not require the use of adhesives.  Need a flooring product that is easy to assemble – check out our modular flooring and interlocking tiles.

 Switchboard Non-Conductive Matting

  • Non-Conductive Switchboard Matting to prevent Electric Shock
  • Type 1 or Type 2  – Call for pricing on Type 1 Rubber Switchboard Mats
  • Class I, Class II – Most Popular, Class III and Class IV
  • Custom Cut Lengths for several Types
  • Corrugated, Military Switchboard, Smooth and DiamondPlate
  • Custom Shapes and Sizes Available for All Switchboard Matting Applications
 Carpet Tiles – Entrance Mat Tiles

  • Great for large area coverage or odd configurations
  • Use in thin recessed applications or as a surface entrance matting system
  • Glue Down Application provides optimal performance
  • Contains Salt, Dirt and Moisture below walk surface
  • Carts, buggies and wheelchairs roll across with ease
  • Provides safe footing combined with superior performance
  • Great for Retail Entrances, Delivery Entrances, Supermarkets, Malls and Commercial Buildings and Corporate Entrances
 Floor Mat Runners – Vinyl, Rubber and Carpet

  • All Types
  • Protects Floors from grit, sands
  • Provides a safe walk surface
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Custom Cut Lengths Available
  • Call for Assistance
  • Made In The USA
 Stall Mats

    • Provides safe footing in stalls, trailers and walkways
    • Tough – Long Lasting
    • Available in Interlock Tiles and as individual mats
    • Keeps Horses, Cows and livestock off of the cold hard ground
    • Recycled Rubber