Commercial Mats

Stay on Your Feet at Your Next Trade Show

If you regularly attend trade shows for your business, you know how important an attractive and well-designed booth can be. You have signage that brings visitors in, information they can take with them, and giveaways that show them that you appreciate their time. The one thing that every trade show booth needs is appropriate flooring.… read more

Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mats – The Comfort You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Do you or your employees do a lot of standing during the work day? Do you find yourself becoming unfocused and unproductive easily? Do you complain of sore feet, legs, and back by the end of the day? If so, you and your employees could be suffering from the effects of lack of circulation, or… read more

Rubber vs. Vinyl Backing

When buying a floor mat, it is important to understand and acknowledge the overall purpose and specific features desired, besides just a place to wipe your feet. Every floor mat is designed to solve a particular need. Whether it be “a right now” mat, or a mat that you want to last as long as… read more