Aluminum Hinge Roll up Mat 3/8″

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General Information

  • Aluminum Hinge Roll up Mat 3/8″ are all custom made mats –  While there are common sizes, each roll up mat is made up of specific characteristics that affect the overall price.
  • Our Aluminum Hinge Roll up Mat features the rugged benefits of an aluminum foot grille but is easier to maintain – simply roll up mat for cleaning
  • Suitable for 3/8″ – 1/2″ Recess Depth
  • Capacity to handle rolling loads up to 300 lbs per wheel
  • Long lasting aluminum hinges allows the mat to roll up
  • Can be placed on top of the walking surface, or recessed into a pre-formed pit.
  • When used as a surface mat, the aluminum roll up mats should use a beveled edge frame made from vinyl (Frame Type #545) or aluminum (Frame Type #544).
  • The Aluminum hinge rollup mat 3/8″ is made from a series of tread rails that are spaced 2″ on center and connected by long lasting aluminum hinges with 1″ x 3/16″ slotted holes for maximum drainage.
  • When used in a recessed application, a vinyl filler is attached on the forward and following edge as one enters – The purpose of this filler is to allow for onsite trimming with a utility knife.  It is imperative to make certain that the width (left to right dimension) allows for the mat to fit within the pit as aluminum is more difficult to trim than a vinyl filler.
  • Also Available as a Rubber/Vinyl Hinge Mat

**Lead time depends on the type of Metal Finish desired: Standard Mill Finish takes about 5-7 days to fabricate, Anodized Finishes take 3-4 weeks to fabricate** 

To Receive a Proper Quote we will need the following Information:  

  • Recess Depth of Pit
  • Frame Type –540, 544, 548, 545, 551, No Frame
  • Finish of the Aluminum – Mill Finish, Clear anodized, Medium Bronze anodized, Dark Bronze Anodized, Black Anodized, etc.
  • Insert Type – Carpet, Polybrush, Peak Vinyl, or Serrated Aluminum
  • Size of Recess – Width (left to right) x Length (top to bottom)
  • Ship To Zip Code for freight


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