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Fingertip Entrance Mat 

Flex Tip mats feature thousands of finger-like tips designed to scrape dirt from shoes. The Flex Tip mat is great as an outdoor scrapper mat in super muddy or dirty areas.

  • The Flex Tip Entrance Mat is made with a heavy-duty rubber construction with 2,000 finger-like tips of cleaning power.
  • Flex Tip Mats are able to withstand even the harshest of environments and climates.
  • 5/8″ thick natural rubber construction make the Flex Tip a substantial mat that is unlikely to move, even with heavy winds
  • Fingertip entrance mats make for a great scraper mat and provide excellent anti-fatigue qualities.
  • The fingertip design virtually capture debris and moisture as you walk across the mat.
  • Flex Tip mat is easy to clean (shake off soil and hose off) and the flexible design is easy to handle.
  • OSHA compliant beveled edges on all four sides hold debris and moisture within the mat thus protecting your carpets and floors by stopping dirt and moisture at the door with its unique finger tips.
  • Quick Tip: Fingertip mats are a little thicker than most entrance mats, the overall thickness is 5/8″ – MAKE SURE THERE IS A DOOR CLEARANCE
  • Fingertip floor mats are available in black only
    Material: Natural rubber
    Thickness: 5/8 inch (0.625″)STANDARDS & TESTING

    • Durometer: 55
    • Passes DOC-FF1-70 for surface flammability.
  •  For the best results, utilize the following cleaning method to clean your Flex Tip mat:
    • Pick up mat and shake out soil and debris.
    • Scrub with deck brush when needed, using a detergent with a neutral pH.
    • Rinse with hose or pressure washer.
    • Hang mat to dry
  • Product Literature: Flex Tip Literature Sheet

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