Mat-A-Dor – 5/8″ Scraper mat


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Mat-A-Dor – 5/8″ Scraper mat

  • Mat-A-Dor – 5/8″ Scraper mat is a great Outdoor or Indoor floor mat. 
  • Over 2400 flexible, solid rubber fingertips per square ft. 
  • Mat-A-Dor – 5/8″ Scraper mat vigoriously removes dirt and debris from bottom soles of foot traffic. 
  • Beveled Edges to reduce tripping hazard.
  • Helps keep dirt from spreading throughout the building by keeping it on the mat and not on the floor.
  • 5 Year Warranty 
  • Mat-A-Dor – 5/8″ Scraper mats are easy to keep clean, shake and beat out trapped dirt and debris. 
  • Ideal for heavy traffic entrance areas. 
  • Recommended Uses: Hotels and Motels, Resorts, Convention Centers, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Malls, Shops and Stores, Resiential, Museums, Theaters, Schools


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