Cross Rib Shower Tile Mats with Edging


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  • Cross Rib Interlocking Tile mats are designed to provide a safe standing surface for wet areas like locker rooms, shower areas, spas and any area where slip and falls may occur due to the presence of standing water.
  • Each Cross Rib shower tile measures 12” x 12” and is designed to interlock to cover large areas in a short period of time  – When used as a mat, we can provide beveled edging around the perimeter of the finished matting to arrive at a large number of sizes.
  • Each beveled edge provides a safe transition of 1.75″ from the floor surface to the top of the Cross Rib Shower Mat.
  • Cross Rib interlocking tiles present a low profile 1/2″ thickness and when outfitted with edge ramps offer a safe walk surface.
  • The Cross Rib Interlocking tiles can be used around swimming pools and spas where the tiles can be assembled to provide a custom sized floor mat.  Cross Rib Tiles can be easily cut to size and utilized in various wet area applications in need of slip resistance.
  • Cross Rib Tiles are available in 5 different colors
  • The PVC Cross Rib Wet Area Tile is naturally anti-microbial, resistant to mold and mildew making it an ideal choice for locker room floors
  • The bi-level design of the Cross Rib Interlocking Tiles allow liquids to fall through and below the walking surface.
  • The underside drainage tile design permits air flow to occur under the tiles, which aids in the evaporation process.
  • Cross Rib Interlocking Tiles snap together for various configurations.
  • Should you not see the size that you are seeking, please call us at 800-685-1144 and an associate will assist you.
  • Recommended Uses for Cross Rib Interlocking Shower Tiles:  Shower stalls, indoor pool decks, locker rooms, kennels, laundry rooms, or other indoor wet area matting needs.  
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When using Cross Rib Interlocking Shower Tiles, it is best to use them in a wall-to-wall application. Cross Rib Interlocking Shower Tiles are designed to create a NON-SLIP SURFACE texture in wet areas. 

Cross Rib Interlocking Shower Tiles

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