Mid-Profile Roll Grate 3/4″

The Mid-Profile Roll Grate 3/4″  series provides support for heavy foot and cart traffic. The rugged 3/4″ aluminum rails assure stability and longevity, while the vinyl hinge allows the tread to be rolled up and moved for easy cleaning.

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Product Options:   GB500 Series

General Information GB500 Series

  • Mid-Profile Roll Grate 3/4″ has a vinyl hinge that allows the floor mat to be rolled up and moved for underneath cleaning.
  • Mid-Profile Roll Grate 3/4″ is one of our most durable entrance mat systems.
  • This recessed floor mat is made from a high grade 6063-T52 corrosion resistant aluminum.
  • Weather resistant hinges and foot pads remain flexible through time giving this metal grate flooring mat longevity.
  • The actual grate for this type of recessed mat measures 3/4″ in depth.
  • 38.3% pre-consumer Recycled Content helps with LEED certifications.
  • Mid-Profile Roll Grate 3/4″ are tough and can handle rolling loads of up to 1,000lbs per wheel.
  • A variety of tread inserts are available to perform specific functions – i.e., moisture control, scraping action, provide non-slip walk surface, etc.   SEE PICTURE 1PICTURE 2
  • Tread inserts for this recessed mat are fusion bonded to backing for extra durability.
  • An Aluminum Recessed Grill Mat is designed to allow dirt and moisture to fall below into the pit below so that it does not get tracked into the building.
  • A solid 1/8″ thick vinyl “T” profile footer runs along the full length and width of each section to help provide a low impact cushion for foot and cart traffic.
  • These recessed mats include an optional 1″ x 1″ x 1/4″  OR a 3/4″ x 1-1/2″ x 1/8″ L-shaped aluminum Frames.
  • LEED: Possible LEED- NC credits; MR credit 4(1-2 points) MR credit 5 (1-2 points) IEQ credit 5 (1 point)

**Lead time depends on the type of Metal Finish desired:  Standard Mill finished mats usually ship within 5 days, Anodized Finish can take 3-4 weeks.**

To Receive a Proper Quote we will need the following Information:  
  • Name, Company Name, Phone and/or Email
  • Recess Depth of Pit
  • Frame Type – No Frame, L Frame
  • Finish of the Aluminum – Mill Finish, Clear anodized, Medium Bronze anodized, Dark Bronze Anodized, Black Anodized, ect.
  • Insert TypeGB500 Mono Scrape Carpet, GB501 Vinyl, GB502 Polybrush, GB504 Vinyl Abrasive,  or GB505 Serrated Aluminum Treads
  • Size of Recess – Width (wide) x Length (tall)
  • Ship To Zip Code for freight

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 PLEASE NOTE: Colors are computer generated and do not accurately match actual insert colors. Please refer to actual color samples. 


Color Options

PLEASE NOTE: Colors are computer generated and do not accurately match actual insert colors. Please refer to actual color samples. 

Aluminum Finishes

Frame Options



  • Materials: Corrosion-Resistant 6063-T5&T6 aluminum with numerous insert options
  • Weight Load Capacity: 1,000 lbs. per wheel
  • Thickness: 3/4″
  • Depth Mat and L-5 frame: 3/4″
  • Frame Options: Recess only
  • LEED: based on NCv4
    – v4 MR p2
    – v4 MR c1
    – v4 MR c3
    – v4 EQ c1
  • Recycled Content: 38.3% per-consumer
  • Additional Specs: 6063-T5 &T6 aluminum spaced 1-1/2″ on center, connected with aluminum hinge and 1″ x 1/8″ slotted holes for maximum drainage
  • Custom alternation patterns are available for all inserts

Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions Recessed Aluminum Floor Mats


  • During the winter season, remove product and clean rails once per week. During other seasons, once per month should be sufficient.
  • Debris between the rails should be removed during the cleaning process. Each time the rails are cleaned, make sure there is no debris underneath in the recess; this will prevent product from warping due to an uneven substrate and prevent long-term problems. (Vacuuming is the most effective method for this cleaning.)
  • If the units are above a drain, ensure that nothing is blocking the water flow to the drain.
  • Never apply wax or other polishing products to the surface of the units; this would create apotential hazard.

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for Mid-Profile Roll Grate 3/4″ & Roll Up Tread 1/2″


Before any installation is started, be sure to verify:

• Model of tread and frame

• Size of tread and frame

• Product color

• That there are no visual defects or damage from shipment

Important: No returns will be accepted after the material has been installed.

Failure to follow these installation instructions may void your warranty.


Mad Matter Shallow Recessed Installation Instructions:

1. Prepare a recess in the concrete flooring at least 1/2”deep (for Roll Up Tread .”) or 3/4” deep (Mid-Profile Roll Grate .”) for frame. The designated cut out area will also be the outside frame dimension. Consult your shop drawing for proper depth and overall outside frame dimensions.

2. Drill holes in the frame at 18 to 24-inch intervals for the bolts/screws. Countersink the holes as the tread will set inside the frame. (This prevents tread from riding up.)

3. Set the frames into position within the recess. Mark the hole locations on the concrete. Remove the frames and drill holes in the floor for the anchors. Clean the concrete dust away and install the anchors.

4. Reinstall the frames using the appropriate anchor bolts. If needed, shim under the frame sections so the top edge of the frame is flush with the finished floor and level.

5. Secure the frame to the concrete bed (straight down) using anchor bolts or screws of choice that are set vertically. Stainless steel screws and plastic anchors may also be used.

6. Pour concrete (using non-shrinking grout) around the edges of the frame (if needed) and in the center of the frame, level with the inside lip of the frame.

7. Level the concrete. Use a board slightly smaller than the frame opening and level

the concrete in each part of the recess. Make sure the concrete (using non-shrinking grout) is smooth and level with the leg of the frame so the tread lies perfectly flat and will not shift.

8. Before the concrete hardens, verify that the dimensions are correct, frame is square and level, and the frame corners are at correct angles, so the mat will fit properly. Verify the outside frame dimensions are identical to your shop drawing.

9. After concrete has hardened, install plywood into the recess to fully protect the frame edges until the entrance is opened and the mat is installed.

10. Clean all frames and recess before installing mat; debris cannot be tolerated between the frame and tread.

Recessed Mat Fabrication Instructions:

1. Place mat to be cut on sturdy tabletop surface. On one end of the table, fasten a straight edge bar or angle piece to serve as a stop edge for one end of the product. Be sure bar is square on the table.

2. Butt one end of the mat tight to bar fastened to table. Secure width of mat (traffic direction) to the table with screws in between drain holes of hinge.

3. Measure to desired length to be cut and mark product with fine tip black marker.

4. If trimming only 1⁄4” or so, cut carefully with a portable band saw. Prior to cutting it would be ideal to clamp an additional bar or straight edge to top of product to hold mat steady. If trimming more than 1⁄4” or so, a circular saw with a sturdy carbide-tipped blade would work just as well. Use a straight edge or angle piece for saw to travel against to achieve a nice even cut. Be sure to clamp straight edge to product prior to cut.

5. After cut, clean any smudges or markings with lacquer thinner. Remove set screws from cut-off pieces and install set screws to secure hinge in rails. Brush out ends of tread, then singe with a propane torch (on low setting).

6. Clean up product and return to service.


Rail Removal/Addition Instructions:

  1. Use an H-2 (5/64”) or a 5/64” Allen Wrench Hex Key.
  2. Install the driver bit in the tip of a cordless hand drill, screw gun, or use the wrench for manual removal.
  3. Back out set screws on the bottom side of the rails.
  4. Slide rail forward to remove rail from mat.
  5. Using the same process in reverse, re-assemble and re-set screw remaining mat piecestogether.


The Mad Matter, Inc warrants to its purchasers, for a period of two years on standard products from the date of shipment, that any entrance floor mat or grid will be free of defects in workmanship and materials. The liability of The Mad Matter, Inc is strictly limited to repair or replacement of the product that, in our opinion, were properly installed and subsequently found defective. The warranty is not applicable if the mats or grids are damaged by overloading or if standard cleaning and maintenance procedures are not respected. No claims for consequential damages of any nature will be allowed. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.

LEED Information

  • Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 5 (1 point): Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source ControlBaseMat Series products are intended for permanent installation. To qualify for IEQ Credit 5, the product must be at least 10 feet in length in the primary direction of travel. BaseMat Series products may contribute to LEED IEQ Credit 5.
  • Materials & Resources Credit 4 (1-2 points): Recycled Content
    BaseMat Series products are manufactured from approximately 49% pre-consumer recycled content. BaseMat Series products may contribute to LEED MR Credit 4.

– BaseMat Series products with HD carpet or polybrush insert have 45.8% pre-consumer recycled content.

– BaseMat Series products with all other inserts have 38.30% pre-consumer recycled content.

Materials & Resources Credit 5 (1-2 points): Regional Materials
The manufacturing facilities are located in Minnesota, USA. Depending upon the project location, using these products may qualify for LEED MR Credit 5.