Mid-Profile Roll Grate 3/4″

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Product Options:   GB500 Series

General Information GB500 Series

  • Mid-Profile Roll Grate 3/4″ has a vinyl hinge that allows the floor mat to be rolled up and moved for underneath cleaning.
  • Mid-Profile Roll Grate 3/4″ is one of our most durable entrance mat systems.
  • This recessed floor mat is made from a high grade 6063-T52 corrosion resistant aluminum.
  • Weather resistant hinges and foot pads remain flexible through time giving this metal grate flooring mat longevity.
  • The actual grate for this type of recessed mat measures 3/4″ in depth.
  • 38.3% pre-consumer Recycled Content helps with LEED certifications.
  • Mid-Profile Roll Grate 3/4″ are tough and can handle rolling loads of up to 1,000lbs per wheel.
  • A variety of tread inserts are available to perform specific functions – i.e., moisture control, scraping action, provide non-slip walk surface, etc.   SEE PICTURE 1PICTURE 2
  • Tread inserts for this recessed mat are fusion bonded to backing for extra durability.
  • An Aluminum Recessed Grill Mat is designed to allow dirt and moisture to fall below into the pit below so that it does not get tracked into the building.
  • A solid 1/8″ thick vinyl “T” profile footer runs along the full length and width of each section to help provide a low impact cushion for foot and cart traffic.
  • These recessed mats include an optional 1″ x 1″ x 1/4″  OR a 3/4″ x 1-1/2″ x 1/8″ L-shaped aluminum Frames.
  • LEED: Possible LEED- NC credits; MR credit 4(1-2 points) MR credit 5 (1-2 points) IEQ credit 5 (1 point)

**Lead time depends on the type of Metal Finish desired:  Standard Mill finished mats usually ship within 5 days, Anodized Finish can take 3-4 weeks.**

To Receive a Proper Quote we will need the following Information:  
  • Name, Company Name, Phone and/or Email
  • Recess Depth of Pit
  • Frame Type – No Frame, L Frame
  • Finish of the Aluminum – Mill Finish, Clear anodized, Medium Bronze anodized, Dark Bronze Anodized, Black Anodized, ect.
  • Insert TypeGB500 Mono Scrape Carpet, GB501 Vinyl, GB502 Polybrush, GB504 Vinyl Abrasive,  or GB505 Serrated Aluminum Treads
  • Size of Recess – Width (wide) x Length (tall)
  • Ship To Zip Code for freight

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 PLEASE NOTE: Colors are computer generated and do not accurately match actual insert colors. Please refer to actual color samples.