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Custom Floor Mats
Custom Floor Mat Logos

Waterhog Inlay Indoor Logo mat in front of double door entrance to an apartment building
Waterhog Inlay Indoor Logo mat in front of double door entrance to an apartment building
Logo Custom Floor Mats-All Types

Floor mats with logos that fit every application! Not sure which types of custom floor mats are best for your home or business? We offer indoor logo mats, outdoor logo mats, recessed logo matting, and logo mats for surface applications. Browse through our selection of Logo floor mats for business, home, or retail applications.



Custom Floor Mat – Almost any size

Piazza Floor Matting with HD Edges
Piazza floor mats with Heavy Duty Edging can be made to just about any size and shape
Piazza Custom Floor Mat

Our Piazza floor mat is very durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Available in almost any size you need. Piazza floor mats are great for both indoor and outdoor use as entrance mats and runners.

The superior performance of Piazza Custom Floor Mats makes it the choice of Property Managers and Businesses. Great for custom floor mat applications such as cut in around revolving doors, recessed applications and can be outfitted with a custom logo to accent just about any decor.

Piazza Floor mats come in a wide array of colors.

This custom mat has the option to come with a beveled edge for surface mats as pictured or without edging for recessed applications.

Recessed Custom Floor Mats – Aluminum Foot Grille

Recessed Aluminum Footgrille
Recessed Floor mat using Piazza Diamondstrips in a deep pit recessed footgrille application
Custom Floor Mat – Recessed Aluminum Foot Grille

Our Recessed Aluminum Footgrille floor mats feature high end durability and performance. Recessed Aluminum Footgrilles are designed for applications where a deep pit is required.  Footgrilles can handle rolling loads of 300-350 lbs per wheel and are made from high grade 6063 aluminum.

Recessed floor mats are durable and can perform for decades. The tread inserts may require replacing, but the aluminum footgrille itself will last for a long time and can be refurbished with new like the one pictured.

The underside of the floor mat has thermoplastic foot pads to reduce “metal to concrete” noise where the mat rests on the recessed pit floor.  Many frame options allow for variable pit depths where the use of floor drains may be desired.

Functionally, the recessed aluminum footgrille matting system is designed to allow dirt and moisture to fall into the pit below preventing it from get tracked into the building.

Aluminum Foot Grille – 1-5/8″ Thickness

Aluminum Foot Grille – 1-3/4″ Thickness

Aluminum Hinge Roll Up Recessed Custom Floor Mats

Recessed Aluminum HInge Rollup Mat - Shallow Pit
Recessed Aluminum Mat installed in a shallow recess – 3/8″ to 1/2″ in depth
Recessed Custom Floor Mat – Aluminum Hinge Roll Up 3/8″

All Aluminum Hinge Rollup mats are made to order.  We can vary the tread inserts, frame types, color of the metal and of course sizes to fit just about any application.

Aluminum Hinge Rollup mats feature the same rugged benefits of an aluminum footgrille but are easier to maintain – simply roll up mat for cleaning.

Aluminum Hinge rollups are suitable for 3/8″ – 1/2″ Recesses or can be outfitted with a beveled edge for surface applications.

Capacity to handle rolling loads up to 300-350 lbs per wheel

Tread inserts are replaceable providing the opportunity to change colors and refurbish worn mats

Custom Logo set into a Recessed Aluminum Footgrille

Recessed Aluminum Footgrille with Custom Logo
Heavy Duty Recessed Floor mat with Custom Logo
State of the Art Inlay Custom mat logo process applied to the popular recessed Aluminum Footgrilles and roll-up mats


Utilizing either Piazza or SandTrap matting, we produce an inlaid logo to transform your existing recessed mat or we can provide you with a new custom recessed floor matting system outfitted with your personal logo.

Each logo requires analysis to determine whether or not it can be inlaid into the recessed mat.

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Custom Floor Mats – Sandtrap

Sandtrap – Custom mats

Sandtrap custom floor mats offer the heavy duty performance desired for use in high traffic entrance mat areas like office buildings, hotels, etc.

Provides superior walk off mat performance and look great while doing so. Sandtrap floor mats are ideal for Indoor or Outdoor applications on top of hard walking surfaces.  They can also be used in recessed applications when recess depths are 3/8″ to 1/2″.

These custom mats have a 3 year limited Warranty

Berber surface pattern allows the Sandtrap custom mat to effectively scrape shoes clean from any direction.

Custom floor mat sizes are available. Sandtrap is available in 6′ 7″ and 13′ 2″ Widths (2 meter and 4 meter) in rolls up to 101′ Long.

The roll sizes and lengths provide for an unlimited number of size and shape possibilities.  Sandtrap floor mats utilize a “needle-punch” fiber construction which means there will be no possibility of edge ravel.  Easily trims with a utility knife to fit around revolving doors or just about any configuration.

Logo Options

Available in Beveled Edge for use as a recessed custom mat