Waterhog Floor Mats – All Types

 Waterhog Fashion Entrance Mat

  • Use the Waterhog Fashion entrance mat as an indoor mat, but you can also be use it as an outdoor mat
  • The Carpet covered, rubber reinforced nibs scrape shoes of debris and pull moisture away from shoes
  • Dirt and water are trapped by polypropylene ridges of the floor mat below the walking surface keeping dirt and moisture from being tracked further into your buildiing.
  • Waterhog Fashion mats utilize a 100% Nitrile rubber backing for maximum durability
  • Maintenance is simple – just vacuum or hose off to clean
  • Passes flammability standards DOCFFI-70
  • Available in many different colors

Legacy Classic Entrance Mats

  • Legacy Classic Entrance Mats offer the same great cleaning action of all Waterhog mats, but offer an attractive geometric pattern to augment modern decor.
  • Use Legacy Classic matting in either Indoor or Outdoor applications.  This is a great Zone 2 product
  • All Waterhog floor mats with the “Classic” distinction utilize  Solution Dyed 24 oz Polypropylene fibers that dry fast and are extremely stain resistant
  • Legacy Classic entrance mats utilize the Water Dam Edges like all Waterhog floor mats which allow the mat to hold up to 1-1/2 gallons of water per square yd – ON THE MAT.
  • A Bi-Level Surface with rubber reinforced pattern elevates shoes above contained water and dirt which keeps the dirt and moisture contained within the mat – Below the shoe level
  • Specify a Gripper Backed floor mat for placement on carpet or Smooth Backed for floor mats for use on hard floors
  • Legacy Classic mats are available with a Standard Rubber Edge or Fashion Border for a more upscale look.
  • Legacy Classic entrance mats are an ideal choice for commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings and for any commercial application

Waterhog Classic Entrance Mats

  • Waterhog Classic Entrance mats are the original of all Waterhog mats.  They are an excellent choice for just about any Indoor or Outdoor application.
  • Waterhog Classic mats come in 19 Colors to fit into any decor.
  • Waterhog’s Bi-Level Crush Proof Waffle Pattern make this one of the best floor mats on the market.
  • Water Dam Edges to keep liquids on the mat – Drainable Edge version is also available when the door mat will be placed outside
  • Specify a Smooth backing when the floor mat will be used on a hard floor or a gripper backed floor mat when used on top of carpet.
  • Waterhog door mats use a Heavy duty rubber helps prevent mat movement
  • Waterhog floor mats are available in Custom lengths in 3′, 4′ and 6′ Widths up to 60′
  • Great entrance mats or carpet mats for commercial applications, schools, hospitals, office buildings, nursing homes and more
  • Waterhog Classic Entrance Mats Custom Colors

Waterhog Eco Premier Entrance Mats

  • Waterhog Eco Premier entrance mats are a heavier duty version of the Waterhog line of mats.  The Eco Premier employs a Heavy Duty 30 oz face fiber made from 100% Post Consumer PET from used plastic bottles that allows for greater durability while being environmentally friendly as well.
  • The Waterhog Eco Premier mats, like all Waterhog Door Mats are made with a Rubber backing consists of 20% rubber from recycled tires
  • Waterhog Eco Premier mats are available with either Standard Rubber Edges or Fashion Border (pictured)
  • Again, the Water Dam Edging prevent liquids from seeping off of the floor mat
  • And, the Eco Premier walk off mats sport a Bi-Level reinforced rubber pattern that will not crush even after years of use.
  • Waterhog Eco Premier entrance mats are ideal for use in high traffic areas like parking garage entrances, main entrances and also as a runner

Waterhog Eco Elite Roll Goods Entrance Mats

  • Use Waterhog Eco Elite Roll Goods entrance mats when you wish to have a great walk off mat system in a large area or for entrances demanding a custom configuration.
  • The Eco Elite roll goods floor mats can be used for an Indoor or Outdoor entrance mat system
  • Specify Waterhog Eco Elite Roll Goods with Beveled Edges Sewn on for a surface application – Leave the edging off if planning on using the mat in a recessed application – See Recessed option
  • Herringbone Pattern with 30 oz PET Polyester surface Fiber bonded to a rubber backing make the Eco Elite floor mat look and perform great.
  • Like other Waterhog mats, the surface pattern of the Waterhog Eco Elite roll goods are supported by raised rubber profiles to prevent pile crush and enhance scraping action
  • Waterhog Eco Elite Roll Goods mats are available in custom sizes up to 12′ x 50′
  • Use the Eco Elite Roll Goods matting for large lobby areas of hotels, office buildings, hospitals and government buildings

Waterhog Diamondcord Entrance Mats

  • Waterhog Diamondcord entrance mats offer another unique surface pattern and selection of colors.  It is designed to be used as a Zone 2 combination Indoor Scraper and Wiper Walk Off Mat
  • Specify Diamondcord mats for medium traffic indoor applications.
  • Waterhog Diamondcord floor mats employ a combination of thick and thin polypropylene fibers to provide a corduroy appearance
  • The Diamond design with raised rubber nubs under the pattern help to prevent pile crush making these carpet mats superior in performance.
  • Specify Gripper Backing for use on carpet or Smooth Backing for use on hard floors
  • Water Dam Edges of Diamondcord floor mats help to retain water on the mat.
  • Great walk off mat for medium duty lobby entrances

Waterhog Masterpiece Select Entrance Mats

  • Waterhog Masterpiece Select entrance mats are another great Zone 2 floor mat choice
  • The attractive parquet pattern of Masterpiece Select mats aggressively scrapes shoes from any direction
  • With a 28 oz Polypropylene fiber surface bonded to a bi-level rubber reinforced pattern, Masterpiece floor mats will not develop pile crush
  • All Waterhog floor mats have a Rubber Backing with 20% Recycled content
  • Water Dam Edges of the Masterpiece Select door mat serves to keep water from seeping off of the mat and on to surrounding floors.
  • Available as a Gripper Backed or Smooth Backed floor mat
  • Use Waterhog Masterpiece Select floor mats for any high end entrance where a traditional mat will not work

Waterhog Eco Elite Entrance Mats

  • Waterhog Eco Elite entrance mats are a Heavy Duty Scraper/Wiper Walk Off Mats for indoor or outdoor use
  • Using a 30 oz PET polyester face fiber from recycled plastic bottles, Waterhog Eco Elite mats are environmentally friendly.
  • Waterhog Eco Elite matting, utilize Water Dam Edges to keep moisture in its place.
  • Eco Elite’s Herringbone pattern makes this a good looking AND functional door mat
  • Universal Recycled Logo in corner of each floormat informs others that you are a good steward of the environment
  • Like all Waterhog mats, Eco Elite mats employ a raised Rubber Reinforced nubs construction to enhance scraping and serve to make this an Elite walk off mat
  • Waterhog Eco Elite Entry mats are ideal any high traffic commercial entrance and come in a variety of sizes.
  • Specifiy Standard Rubber Edges for a traditional look (pictured) or Fashion Border for an attractive alternative.

Brush Hog Entrance Mats

  • Brush Hog entrance mats are not actually Waterhog mats, but they do serve as an especially effective matting to trap sand and dirt with a gritty particulate.  They can be used indoor or outdoor but perform best Outdoors
  • The Coarse Fibers of Brush Hog floor mats consist of a 100% Nylon that has a fiber designed to aggressively scrape dirt and moisture from shoes
  • Brush Hog door mats are resistant to UV making them ideal for beach hotels and condo’s
  • The Brush Hog floor mat has a smooth rubber backed so it will always lay flat
  • Available in 3′, 4′ and 6′ Widths up to 60′ in length – Custom Cut lengths available
  • Ideal for hotels, hospitals, schools, office buildings churches, shopping malls
  • Again, specify Brush Hog walk off mats for use where trapping sand poses the greatest challenge

Waterhog Classic Diamond Entrance Mats

  • Waterhog Classic Diamond entrance mats have the same colors as the standard Waterhog Classic and can be used indoor or in an outside application.
  • Same features as the Waterhog Classic with a different Diamond Shaped Surface pattern offer a high tech look for your entrance mat.
  • Waterhog Classic Diamond mats utilize a 24 oz Polypropylene surface fiber is resistant to stains and dries quickly making this one of the most popular entrace mats on the market.
  • 20 Standard Sizes allow the Waterhog Classic Diamond to meet just about any entrance requirement
  • Specify the Standard rubber border (pictured) or Fashion Border when choosing your walk off mat
  • Waterhog Classic Diamond mats are available with a Gripper backing or with a Smooth Backing.
  • Waterhog mats are the workhorse of the floor mat industry – Waterhog Classic Diamond mats are part of this collection
  • See Custom Color Waterhog Classic Diamond Mat Options Here
  • Choose the Classic Diamond entry mat for any commercial entrance indoor or outdoor if you are seeking a mat simply performs

Grease Hog Walk Off Mats

  • Grease Hog walk off mats were specifically designed for use in transition areas between kitchens and dining areas and for manufacturing plants between factory and office areas.
  • Use Grease Hog floor mats to help stop grease and oil from being tracked from the kitchen or industrial areas into dining rooms and office areas.
  • Solution dyed polypropylene fabric of Grease Hog door mats will not fade or deteriorate.
  • Grease proof Nitrile rubber backing of Grease Hog restaurant carpet mats stand up to the punishing effects of animal fats, petroleums and grease.
  • Grease Hog mats are great for restaurant applications and help control kitchen greases from getting tracked into customer dining areas.  All Grease Hog mats employ a molded bi-level pattern on the carpet surface to scrape shoes and to provide an anti-slip walk surface.
  • The low profile ¼” thickness of Grease Hog walk off mats provide easy transition for carts and foot traffic.
  • Grease Hog walk off mats are easy to clean and dry quickly.
  • Unique disk pattern on back of the floor mat keeps it in place on hard floor surfaces.  Grease Hog floor mats are also available with cleated backing for carpeted surfaces.
  • Grease Hog mats are available in two sizes:   3’x5’ and 3’x10’.

Waterhog Classic Carpet Tiles

  • Waterhog Classic Carpet tiles are usually recessed, but not always – They should always be Taped Down with a double-stick tape or glued down with a multi-purpose latex adhesive for optimal performance
  • Waterhog Classic Carpet Tile have a face fiber weight of 24 oz per sq. yd. that is made from a fast drying Polypropylene fiber.
  • Each Waterhog Tile measures 18″ x 18″ and is available in thicknesses of 1/4″ and 7/16″
  • Easily cuts with a utility knife
  • Waterhog Classic carpet tiles have four pattern configurations each providing an entirely different appearance:  Standard Waffle, Diamond, Geometric or Diagonal.  Great looks – Same level of performance
  • When used in a surface application, we recommend the 1/4″ thickness as a lower profile that is less expensive when using for any large entrance area where traffic may come from many directions
  • Carts and wheeled traffic easily pass over the Waterhog Classic tiles.

Waterhog Eco Premier Carpet Tiles

  • Waterhog Eco Premier carpet tiles have 3 Great Patterns – Diagonal, Diamond or Geometric (pictured)
  • The Waterhog Eco Premier Carpet Tile is a Heavy Duty entrance matting system that is Earth Friendly – With a 30 oz, 100% post-consumer recycled PET Polyester fiber derived from used plastic bottles for the face and a rubber backing.
  • Each Waterhog Eco Premier Carpet Tile measures 18″ x 18″ and is available in either a 1/4″ or 7/16″ thickness.
  • Waterhog Eco Premier pattern carpet tiles are Eco Friendly – Every square foot eliminates 4 half liters of plastic bottles from the waste stream.
  • With a permanent rubber reinforced bi-level surface design, Waterhog Eco Premier Carpet Tiles will not suffer pile crush and will provide years of superior dirt and moisture collection.  The use of Waterhog tiles ensures for a superior door mat system
  • Modular flexibility to handle small to large entrance mat areas – and also entrance mat areas with odd configurations
  • Each pattern may be special ordered with the universal recycle symbol molded into the pattern.
  • 1/4″ floor mat tiles are shipped 12 to a case.  (Square foot a case = 27)
  • 7/16″ Waterhog tiles are shipped 10 to a case.  (Square foot a case = 22.5)
  • We recommend using a Solvent Free, Multi-Purpose Adhesive for installation of the Waterhog Eco Premier carpet tiles.
    • 1 gallon of Multi-Purpose Adhesive covers approximately 117 square ft.

Waterhog Eco Grand Premier Entrance Mats

  • Waterhog Eco Grand Premier entrance mats with a unique half oval shape on one end makes for an elegant first impression to your building
  • Rubber backing with cleats help to minimize floor mat movement even when placed on carpet
  • The surface fibers of Waterhog Eco Grand Premier floor mats are made from 30 oz PET Fabric from post consumer plastic bottles – ECO Friendly
  • The surface fibers have rubber nubs under the mat design to prevent pile crush – Waterhog Eco Grand Premier walk off mats are Great for high traffic entrances
  • Dries quickly – When wet, the moisture is wicked to the bottom of the entry mat below shoe level
  • Like all Waterhog products, Waterhog Grand Premier entrance mats have a “water dam” border which serves to keep dirt and water in the mat and off of the floor
  • Specifc molded sizes in 3′, 4′ and 6′ Widths up to 61′
  • Waterhog Eco Grand Premier floor mats are Certified NonSlip by NFSI
  • Great for Hotels, Apartment Buildings, Office Buildings, Mall Entrances and Hospitals – Use Waterhog Eco Grand Premier door mats to dress up any entrance.

Waterhog Eco Grand Elite – Oval on One or Both Ends Entrance Mats

  • Waterhog Eco Grand Elite mats offer another look for the Waterhog line of mats.
  • Use the Grand Elite mats as an indoor or outdoor entry mat.  Options allow for the unique half oval pattern to be placed on one or both ends of the mat (pictured)
  • 30 oz PET Polyester fibers from reclaimed plastic bottles bonded to a 100% Rubber Backing with a 20% Recycled rubber from used tires
  • Bi-Level construction with reinforced rubber profiles under the fabric to prevent pile crush – Waterhog Eco Grand Elite mats are great looking and offer superior performance
  • Waterhog “Water Dam” Edges to prevent liquids from seeping off of the floor mat on surrounding floors
  • Use the Eco Grand Elite Waterhog in front of service counters, hotel check in and as an inclement weather rainy day carpet mat fo your Hotel, Office Building, Hospital or Government building

Waterhog Grand Classic

  • Waterhog Grand Classic is a small mat that helps to dress up any indoor or outdoor entrance
  • Unique “fan” shape of the Grand Classic entry mat augments any entrance
  • Waterhog Grand Classic floor mats use 24 oz Solution Dyed Polypropylene fibers that dry quickly and resist staining.
  • All Waterhog Grand Classic mats sport a Rubber Backing with 20% recycled content
  • Fashion Border Edges of the Waterhog Grand lessens the “standard door mat” appearance and has a built in water dam to prevent water from seeping off of the mat
  • Raised rubber nubs under the surface pattern to enhance scraping and prevent pile crush making the Waterhog Grand an ideal entrance mat.